11/13/2009 LD: "Postcards from the Future Future"

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This thread is for discussion of this week's Latest Developments Article, which goes live Friday morning on magicthegathering.com.
Hmmm... I forgot that way back when I was young I went to Origins and traveled from the Philadelphia area to Columbus, OH which puts me at just under 500.  Granted, it wasn't JUST to play magic... and granted it was the day after I returned from a trip from Europe, so it didn't seem as far.
The shortest I've ever traveled to play in sanctioned play was when I got to walk to Nationals because I live in Baltimore.  That was about a mile... maybe a little less.
Ken is famous inside Wizards for being a "griefer"—someone who gets enjoyment out of his opponents' misery.

That explains so much about recent products!

(I'm mostly kidding, but someone was going to say it so I wanted to be first.)

Anyway, nice article.  It's good to know what the FFL was paying attention to.

If you're on MTGO check out the Free Events via PDCMagic and Gatherling.

Other games you should try:
DC Universe Online - action-based MMO.  Free to play.  Surprisingly well-designed combat and classes.

Planetside 2 - Free to play MMO-meets-FPS and the first shooter I've liked in ages.
Simunomics - Free-to-play economy simulation game.

Tactics, then Toolkit, then Slivers.

All 3 of them are super awesomeness though.

I wonder what happens at Wizards when practically 1 in 4 people select "None of these excite me".

~ Tim
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Not bad. But what happens flavor wise when one kamahl kills the other one?
Zis iz a sign uf deep psychological troma, buried in zer subconscious mind. By keelink himzelf, Kamahl iz physically expressink hiz feelinks uf self-disgust ova hiz desire for hiz muzzer. [/GermanPsychologistVoice]
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That makes no sense to me. If they spelled the ability out on the card in full then it would not be allowed in a mono-black Commander deck, but because they used a keyword to save space it is allowed? ~ Tim
Yup, just like you can have Birds of paradise in a mono green deck but not Noble Hierarch. YAY COLOR IDENTITY
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Is algebra really that difficult?
Survey says yes.
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You want to make a milky drink. You squeeze a cow.
I love this description. Like the cows are sponges filled with milk. I can see it all Nick Parks claymation-style with the cow's eyes bugging out momentarily as a giant farmer squeezes it like a squeaky dog toy, and milk shoots out of it.
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And no judge will ever give you a game loss for playing snow covered lands.
I now have a new goal in life. ;)
I personally think the results of the poll show it may be time to go back to Dominaria again! We all like it and think it's kind of cosy... maybe we can explore the Thran more!

Other than that, it's interesting looking at someone's journey through a job... I know looking at my job history (even through a single position), my views can change dramatically about my job from start to finish... awesome topic
old quotes from the Worldwake talk: Mike Turian: While Mark Rosewater made Tarmogoyf, I made Tarmogoyf what he is today Mark Rosewater: Would we ever reprint Tarmogoyf? Maybe.

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I wonder what happens at Wizards when practically 1 in 4 people select "None of these excite me".

I'd imagine they're very happy with 3 in 4 being excited by one of those. Remember that for years, Wizards' only products were MtG sets three times a year, and I'm sure that's still where the significant majority of MtG profit comes from. These are just a bunch of other things they're trying, and most of them won't make much compared to an MtG set.
I liked this article. I like the style of giving us peeks into the future, even if they're not into the future any more. (I reckon you could have shown us those Sages of Lost Alara playtest cards a couple of weeks before Alara Reborn, though. That'd have been quite fun. )

I meant to post last week after taking the poll, that I'm more excited about the Deckbuilder's Toolkit because of what it means for the overall game/community, but I'm more likely to buy the Phyrexia vs Coalition because I love collecting these types of products.

And always nice to see more info on the FFL, though I'd love to see more examples of games where they discover problem cards and tweak them into playability.
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I appreciate all of these upcoming products, because they give me options besides the god-forsaken intro packs for pre-built decks.

precons, we hardly knew ye :'( 
As for the current poll, I have not been more than 100 miles to play in an event. I have gone over 1000 miles (Milwaukee to San Diego) to judge.
"We just saw an example of this from designer Ken Nagle. Ken is famous inside Wizards for being a griefer—someone who gets enjoyment out of his opponents' misery.
The one card in this deck that Ken loves more than anyone else in the Pit is Lavaball Trap."

This is annoying. It seems that Ken Nagle actually knows what concepts are fun yet it seems that he somehow hate Spikes and the sole idea of a card of his creation being used in competition rather than just for having fun (as if both were opposite) repulses him and then he gives his cards an enourmous cost to keep them away from tournaments. This means that whatever he finds it fun is doomed to be unplayable.

I also love the concept of Lavaball trap and I have made a deck with Pyromancer Ascension that gets to blow up 4 lands a turn, but almost all the time I would rather have a Wildfire because its 8 mana cost make it a subpar card. Boros Bushwacker, with its 16 fetchlands is the ideal prey for that card, yet it is totally useless because it can be easily played around and its full cost comes online until the very late game. How can the powerful fetchlands be kept in check by cards like that? 1RR for the trap cost and 2RRR for the full cost would be far better. Similarly, Soul's majesty is a very cool concept, but having its five mana sorcery speed fizzled by a mere Path to Exile makes you hate it rather than love it; as a GG instant it would have gotten more love.
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Anyone know where i can get a bunch of those blanks he was talking about... would love to have some for a cube...
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