DCI Login Hijacking

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This morning, I received an automated E-mail which appears authentic from the DCI auto-mailer, informing me that I had changed my E-mail address for DCI contact. I had not, in fact, done so. I attempted to log in to reset my information, and my password was not accepted. Resetting my password would just have sent the new password to the new E-mail address, so I tried to click on the links to E-mail customer support. These aren't working in my browsers; it appears this is related to the issues we're having in logging in to the forums.

EDIT: Although it is still true that the "Email Us" tab on the help pages doesn't work, there was no attempt to hijack my account.

Once I used the correct password to sign in and maintain my personal information,i found what had happened was simply that the routine information submitted from the store where I attended my first (and, so far, only) DCI-sanctioned event had finally been entered. (I had activated my account and entered my information shortly after attending the event.)

So I just put the missing (or possibly just undisplayed for privacy reasons) information back in.

With some portions of the customer help system being inaccessible, though, accounts are vulnerable to hijacking in this period.

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