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Since we only have 6 players, I'm doing a Swiss tournament. Each round 1 player will have a bye. Since it's Swiss, I'll just roll pairings.

1. Enigmata [0141c15a]
2. Evilweevil666 [bb361f50]
3. mntwinsfan
4. febbstalicious4 [982ef516]
5. bughferd
6. Iamsparticus05
7. Sarge41

Round 1 will be:

febbstalicious vs. bughferd

Iamsparticus05 vs. Enigmata

mntwinsfan vs. Sarge41

Evilweevil666 gets the bye.
RAWR, 2-0 VICTORY OVER BYE.  I ARE SUPER PRO.  Enough caps lock now...
PM sent.

Do you want my DSC?
Before the end of round 1, yes.
57860688 wrote:
121183109 wrote:
57074928 wrote:
So when UR Delver came out to win a GP, did Christian Calcano email/call you and thank you personally, or was there just a mutual understanding?
Legitimately laughed at this...haha
No kidding. +1 internets for a hidden gem in the standard deck help.
Bughferd has not responded to any of my PM's, so I don't think I can play my games. 
Real men hold shift. If everyone has their fingers in the pie, then someone is eating fingers.
just responded to PM.  Sorry, hadn't checked extended forums in a bit.  Deck code is 2ad052ee
I despise the new "Everyone create a magic blog" bandwagon. For more information: Click Here! I am Blue/White
I am Blue/White
I believe this was supposed to end days ago...
Real men hold shift. If everyone has their fingers in the pie, then someone is eating fingers.
Dammit, missed this. I would love to play.
I'm backing out, I can't get MWS to work.

twins gets the win.
When I'm signed in as Enigmata, these forums won't let me jump pages without making me go through the community.wizards.com/go/browse/forums page and I can't be asked to actually deal with that bullshit.  **** this sorry excuse for a forum.  I can't run a tournament when browsing the forum itself is a chore.  I'll be around now and then to look after the forums (I'm still a Forum Lead), but as far as actual attendence goes, count me out.
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