MakeYour Own Set

Because wizard of course has the say on which figures get put into sets, I say we give them a general idea of what the community would like there sets to look like. Give your set a name as well.

Dark Lords of The Sith



1.General Cracken

2. Rebel Recruit


2. Warb Null

3. Freedon Nadd spirit

4. Darth Zannah

5. Karness Muur

6. Darth Wyyrlok III

7. Krath Warrior

8. Teranterek

9. Gloom Walker

10. Xoxaan

11.  Sith Warrior (Sith Species Before Mutation)



Old Republic

12.  Vroom lamar

13. Vandare Tokare

14. Mical

15. Saul Karath 9with sith affinity of course)



16. Demagol

17. Mandalorian Mercenary


Yuuzhan Vong

18. Vagh Rodiek ( a medium based figure)

19. Yammosh (a stationary figure with a large spanning commander effect)

20. Chazrack

21. Shmmra



22. Blaze trooper

23. Scuba Trooper

24. Clone Assassin

25. Traa Saa (with NR affinity)

26 Arc trooper captain


27. Alto Stratus

28. Rocket Super Battledroid

29.  Colicoid annihlator droid

30. Colicoid drone

31. A series Assassin droid

33. Manta class sub droid


New Republic

34. Fido aka

Foreign Intruder Defense Organism

one badass nr droid

35.  YVH 1


I'll continue this later because im running low on time.








One Word PADME!!!!!!!!!

my set would be Padme in all of her outfits as well as former and current queens and kings of naboo, the handmaidens, and if more needed, gungans and nabooian senators


Power of the Dark Side


1/40 Bastila Shan, Jedi VR

2/40 Hylo Visz R

3/40 Old Republic Ambassador UC

4/40 Revan, Redeemed VR


5/40 Admiral Karath R

6/40 Darth Bane, Dark Lord of the Sith VR

7/40 Darth Zannah R

8/40 Dessel R

9/40 Gorog Assassin Swarm C

10/40 Gorog Soldier C

11/40 Selkath Apprentice UC


12/40 Alpha ARC Trooper UC

13/40 Flame Trooper C

14/40 Null ARC Trooper UC


15/40 Count Dooku, Seperatist Leader VR

16/40 Elite Geonosian Warrior UC

17/40 Geonosian Warrior C

18/40 Poggle the Lesser R


19/40 501st Stormtrooper C

20/40 501st Commander UC


21/40 Alema Rar R

22/40 HK-47, Assassin Droid VR

23/40 Chiss Officer UC

24/40 Chiss Pilot C

25/40 Chiss Trooper C

26/40 Insane Selkath C

27/40 Iridonian Mercenary UC

28/40 Killik C

29/40 Killik Guard C

30/40 Thrackan Sal-Solo R

31/40 UnuThul VR


32/40 Death Watch Commander UC

33/40 Goran Beviin R

34/40 Mandalorian Smith UC

35/40 Verpine Soldier UC

Yuuzhan Vong

36/40 Reptilloid Slave Soldier C

37/40 Supreme Overlord Shimmra VR

28/40 Warmaster Nas Choka VR

39/40 Yuuzhan Vong Intendant UC

40/40 Yuuzhan Vong Officer UC

Quote from Emporerdragon: And I'd consider comparing it to the voxyn a poor comparison. The voxyn was a 1-beast army capable of reducing entire squads to ruin without breaking a single drop of acidic sweat. The box is a ****ing box. Cna yuo raed tihs? Olny 55% of plepoe can.I cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it dseno't mtaetr in waht oerdr the ltteres in a wrod are, the olny iproamtnt tihng is taht the frsit and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it whotuit a pboerlm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Azanmig huh? yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling was ipmorantt! fi yuo cna raed tihs, palce it in yuor siantugre. Everyone else has a lightsaber, but i made a saberstaff. ==========================>IIIIIIIIYYYYIIIIIIII(========================== My sig was way better before the dark times... before the BETA.

One Word PADME!!!!!!!!!

my set would be Padme in all of her outfits as well as former and current queens and kings of naboo, the handmaidens, and if more needed, gungans and nabooian senators


:P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P

IMAGE( the Magic: The Gathering 'What Color Are You?' Quiz.

My trade thread: MY TRADE THREAD - PLZ PLZ PLZ TAKE A LOOK! (ILL ADD THE LINK SOON AS SOON AS I CAN FIND OUT HOW TO DO IT! ) My top 5 minis: 1. Cade Skywalker, Bounty Hunter 2. Boba Fett, Mercenary Commander 3. Darth Bane + Darth Caedus *rule of two!* 4. Darth Sidious Hologram 5. 3 out of the 4 Force Spirits -- Yoda, Obi, and Ani! (missing Luke! will trade to get him) Me Sith Lords: Darth Bane, Darth Caedus, Darth Malak DLotS, Darth Talon, Darth Krayt, Darth Sidious Hologram BOBA BH BIG D's: (CS) Mace Windu Hello all! This is creme_brule... Some riddles: Spoiler 1) If 0 + 0 = 0, 2 + 2 = a fish, and 3 + 3 = 8, what does 1 + 1 = ? Answer a window. think about that one 2) 3 birds were sitting on a table. 1 got shot. How many are left? Answer 1 (the shot one). The others flew away. Anyways lmk if u liked my siggy! GTs WITH: Spoiler good trades with: BossNass++, Kenred2, TK-1138 x2+, MandaloreTheFirst+, urbanjedi, CaptainZuli, Kael_Dronna (2)+, Rogueleader17, CJK, Sith_Slayer+, Lily_Wan, buttcabbge*, Admiral_Bossk+, Talisker55+, leshippy+, lestiff416+, darthkraft, Gorworr+, dojimaster+, StartideCruiser, C3PO1971, Ephant_Mon, darthhannah+, scourgeofthenewrepublic+, Virlin+, Darth_Mauler+, gold34+, thesahdowreaper, RoqueSaber+, bagman22 x2+, Reysan_Aura, Darth_Percocet+++, jedicartographer, dreadtech+, darthsmith+, Docgeo, rattousai x2+, Trackrtar+, Jaing_Skirata+, Fett-87*, elcollector* * = never left ref! ( ) nothing = good trade + = GREAT trade pending: TheAwesomeSlapstick, lukey84, PatonPawic, headache62, Phlash007, JediPartisan, Waylander311, xxCarna6exx if u aren't on my list plz lmk and ill be happy to add u! Hey guys! if you have anything i might remotely want, just se
I never "made" a set before, but I'll give it a try, so bare with me if it's to unbalanced.
This is my wish-set, fringe heavy, alot of species and droids but with some nice uniques and even a "reprint" or two, and the obligatorial Vader =)

Scum and villainy

01                  Count Dooku on speeder, VR
02                  Destroyer droid, UC
03                  Geonosian with sonic cannon, R
04                  Poggle the lesser (Geonosian commander), R

05                  Anakin and Padme on orray with battlewagon, VR
06                  Boss Nass (gungan commander), R

07                  Luke and Leia on speederbike, VR
08                  Mon Mothma, rebel leader, R
09                  Yoda, force ghost, VR
10                  Zev Senesca, pilot, R

11                  AT-ST driver (at-st commander), C
12                  Darth Vader, hologram, VR
13                  Elite royal guard, UC
14                  Sate Prestage, VR
15                  Scouttrooper officer on speederbike, UC
16                  Stormtrooper demolitionist (satchel charge), C
17                  Stormtrooper medic, C

18                  Aleena spy, C
19                  Bith musician, C
20                  Chief Chirpa (ewok commander), R
21                  Control panel (object, gives door control), UC
22                  Ewok trumpeter (reserves?, booming voice?), UC
23                  Human smuggler (looks like Ric Duel), C
24                  Hutt trader, UC
25                  Lin-v8 demolition droid (mines), UC

26                  Ortolan mercenary, C
27                  Kir Kanos, VR
28                  Malakili (emphaty), R
29                  Morseerian fringer (quadruple attack), UC
30                  Nikto warrior (green), C
31                  Oola (art of distraction), R
32                  Pit droid (repair), C
33                  R1 astromech, UC
34                  Stenax warrior (flight), UC
35                  Sullustan pilot,C
36                  Toydarian scoundrel (looks like Watto), UC
37                  Tusken chief  (tusken commander), UC
38                  Tusken raider (female), C
39                  Womp rat (bloodthirsty), C
40                  Yarkora scout (a little nod to the
Kenner collectors), VR

I call the set below BALANCE OF POWER. It designed to help the lesser factions (Old Rep, Sith, Mandos, and Vong) become competitive, but I think it has enough Fringe options and enough recognizable movie characters to help balance things a bit:


1-Duros Trader (C, Old Republic: Affinity for Sith and Mando; has "Supplies" abilities that grant Shields and a lightsaber upgrade, maybe Bondar Crystal=Jolt vs adjacent)

2-G0-T0 (V, Old Republic: Good droid CE for the Old Rep, to give the faction more options)

3-Gryph (V, Old Republic: Diplomat and Disruptive)

4-Ithorian Shaman (U, Old Republic: No attack, Light Tutor, Force Heal, a special ability granting Force Renewal to those with a Force rating with 6 squares)

5-Old Republic Ambassador (U, Old Republic: Commander effect to allow non-unique Republic followers without Order 66 into the Old Rep. Maybe also Diplomat, and the ability to have all allies count as the same name)

6-Old Republic Officer (U, Old Republic: Non-Fringe followers gain Advantageous Cover and Squad Firepower.)

7-Onderon Soldier (C, Old Republic: Just because they look cool)

8-Sentinel War Droid (C, Old Republic: Sith Affinity, Spotter 10)

9-Wookiee Jedi Knight (U, Old Republic: With New Rep affinity)

10-Admiral Saul Karath (V, Sith: With Affinity for the Old Republic and a commander effect that's a game changer for both factions, maybe something like Evade for non-Fringe pieces. Also, maybe Reserves/Reinforcements, perhaps a CE similar to Leia Hoth Commander)

11-Darth Maladi (V, Sith: Allies within 6 squares gain Advantageous Attack and Close-Quarters Fighting. At the end of this character's turn, choose 1 follower with Melee Attack and a Force rating. Until the end of the round, that follower gains Ambush.)

12-Gloom Walker (C, Sith: Trooper, Sniper, Squad Counter-tactics (can gain disruptive), Stealth)

13-Hssiss (U, Sith: Savage, Cloaked, Virulent Poison)

14-Sith Beast Master (U, Sith: Savage characters gain Bloodthirty and Vicious Attack)

15-Sith Holocron (U, Sith: A cheap piece that allows you to have 1 Imperial or Sep character with a Force rating in your squad)

16-Sith Officer (U, Sith: Sith Troopers are cheaper and gain Draw Fire and Avoid Defeat)

17-Boss Nass (R, Republic: Needs to be made.)

18-Naboo Pilot (C, Republic: A movie tie-in piece.)

19-Queen Amidala of Naboo (R, Republic: In her Queen get-up from Ep I)

20-Queen's Handmaiden (C, Republic: Maybe some sort of tactical swap with Padme)

21-Poggle the Lesser (R, Separatist: Needs to be made.)

22-Mon Mothma, Rebel Leader (R, Rebel: With NR Affinity)

23-Ben Skywalker (R, New Republic: Needs to be made.)

24-Bothan Spymaster (U, New Republic: Old Rep Affinity. You may include non-Unique Bothans of any faction. Bothans gain Deceptive.)

25-Galactic Alliance Commando (C, New Republic: Commando-type designed to work with the new Jacen; looked based on the Venom Assault Trooper)

26-Jacen Solo, GAG Colonel (R, New Republic: With Sith Affinity; perhaps he can also bring GAG troopers with him.)

27-Jaina Solo, Sword of the Jedi (R, New Republic: Needs to be made.)

28-Blood Carver Pirate (C, Fringe: Because Blood Carvers look cool, and Hondo could use a good melee supporter)

29-Devaronian Pirate (C, Fringe: A generic of Vilmarh Grahrk, designed to work well with Hondo Ohnaka's CE)

30-GenoHaradan Operative (C, Fringe: Defiant (+10 vs commanders), Disguise (gains Diplomat until it targets/damages enemy), Poisoned Blade+10)

31-Han Solo, Renegade (R, Fringe: A Fringe Han Solo who can perhaps provide an alternative to Dash Rendar)

32-Peace Brigade Commando (C, Fringe: A tougher, more expensive PB option)

33-Thracken Sal-Solo (V, Fringe: With a commander effect that provides good synergy between the Fringe (especially the Peace Brigade) and the Vong)

34-Wookiee Laborer (C, Fringe: Melee Attack, Gregarious, Lift)

35-Kal Skirata (V, Mando: Solid, relatively cheap commander with a CE to allow non-unique followers with Order 66 into the Mando faction)

36-Mandalorian Rally Master (U, Mando: Relay Orders; allies within 6 squares count as Mandos for CEs)

37-Mandalorian Rocket Trooper (U, Mando: A generic of Rohlan Dyre with Flight and good manueverability)

38-Nen Yim (V, Yuuzhan Vong: A cheap unique, 20 or less, who offers, among other things, a boost to Vonduun Crab Armor)

39-Supreme Overlord Shimmra (V, Yuuzhan Vong: The ultimate YV commander, perhaps with Booming Voice)

40-Yuuzhan Vong Master Shaper (U, Yuuzhan Vong: Savage creatures count as Vong for commander effects and perhaps gain other benefits)


Why not post up what I've already worked on?

Rebel Defiance Set List

Stats available at:


1/40 R Borsk Fey'lya
2/40 R Chewbacca, Rebel Commando
3/40 R Han Solo, Gunslinger
4/40 VR Princess Leia, Not A Committee
5/40 C Rebel Agitator
6/40 C Rebel Trooper Zealot
7/40 U Rebel Squadron Leader
8/40 U Rogue Squadron Pilot
9/40 C Snowspeeder Pilot
10/40 VR Tycho Celchu


11/40 U 501st Officer
12/40 C 501st Stormtrooper
13/40 C AT-ST Driver
14/40 R Captain Needa
15/40 C ComScan Technician
16/40 VR Darth Vader, Servant of the Empire
17/40 VR Emperor Palpatine, Hologram
18/40 U ISB Agent
19/40 VR Joruus C'baoth
20/40 U Royal Guard Captain
21/40 U Star Destroyer Bridge Officer
22/40 VR Vader's Meditation Chamber


23/40 U Bespin Guard Captain
24/40 C Bith Musician
25/40 R Chief Chirpa
26/40 C Devaronian Spy
27/40 C Elite Bespin Guard
28/40 U Elom Miner
29/40 R EV-9D9
30/40 C Ewok Freedom Fighter
31/40 R Figrin D'an
32/40 U Frog-dog
33/40 U Gamorrean Boss
34/40 R General Calrissian
35/40 VR Jodo Kast
36/40 VR Max Rebo Band
37/40 U Mustafar Mining Droid
38/40 C Saurin Mercenary
39/40 U Rancor Handler
40/40 C Sullustan Tech Specialist

@ Draii: I actually already started working on a 2nd set called Scum And Villainy as well; it's a good, solid name, surprised it's not a real set name yet! I'm working on a concept of being able to take prisoners and capture enemy pieces. That's something I really do feel would be a fantastic addition to the game, so long as it is done right.

There are some pieces in your set list I really like, I might just take some of those ideas

"There are some pieces in your set list I really like, I might just take some of those ideas "

Thanks. I was thinking the same thing when I read your list. And we have some characters that where the same too =)

Go ahead and "take" them. Forums are for sharing. =)

Gave the ewok trumpeter a second thought.
The ewok should have "reserves", and then there could be a gungan with a horn, that have "booming voice", to add some variety =)

1 VR Darth Zannah   
2 C Disciple of the Brotherhood of Darkness   
3 VR Freedon Nadd   

Old Republic

4 UC Army of the Light Jedi Knight   
5 R Cay Kel Droma   
6 VR Master Hoth   
7 R Master Thon
8 R Valenthyne Farfalla   

9   C Genosian Warrior   
10 UC Morgakai Nikto   
11VR Poggle the Lesser    
12 R Sora Bulq   
13 UC Tactical Droid   

14 C Ankura Gungan (Boss Nass)   

15 R Mon Mothma, Supreme Commander   
16 C Sullustan Pilot   

17 VR Admiral Skreed   
18 UC Imperial Inquisitor   
19 UC ISB Officer   
20 VR Jorus C'baoth   
21 C Stormtrooper   

22 C Barabel Bounty Hunter   
23 C Cerean Fringer   
24 UC Charon Bioscist   
25 C Charon Warrior   
26 UC Dianoga   
27 UC Dulok
28 UC Ewok Battle Wagon   
29 UC Hutt Crime Lord   
30 VR Jan Tosh   
31 R Jaxxon   
32 C Meatlump Thug   
33 R Mungo Baobab   
34 C Sanyassan Marauder   
35 C Squib adventurer   
36 R Tag & Bink   
37 C Trianni Sector Ranger   
38 UC Twi'lek Slave Girl (Oola)   
39 R Watto   

Yuuzhan Vong
40 C Yuuzhan Vong Invader  (base damage 20)

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