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does anyone know when it will be?, it will be my first shipment

mailings are usually sent out once every 3-4 months... that would be if they still use the old mailing process. i think you have to play in 5 or more events before you will be in the mailing list for rewards.

its 5, and i have been at my 6th since 2 weeks after the last 1 i know of,  the week of lol

Well, I just hit my 20th tourney about a month ago, and had 5/10/15 for 3-4 months now, still no cards.
LOL, I am closing in on my 30th tournament recently... all since I just barely missed the August mailing apparently... they should be in our grasp by the time the new set is out allegedly
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There's talk at other places that people have received their shipments recently. The new ones are Volcanic Fallout and Infest.  So it should be arriving soonish.
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