Need stats for an encounter; please help

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I recently had an idea for a low-level encounter, but it requires some custom monster-making and I don't really know how to do that. Can anyone please make suggestions?

The basic idea is that a Goblin Vermin Mage (in essence a Goblin Hexer who has forsaken that Goblin's various Curse powers for magic that controls Vermin) has attacked the party in their sleep with a number of vermin drawn to its command by its magic. I'm thinking that its allies consist of 2 Giant Centipedes, a Centipede Swarm or two, and perhaps an appropriately levelled Giant Scorpion.

Can anyone help me? I'm thinking the Goblin Vermin Mage would be either a Blaster or a Controller with the Leader subtype, but I've no idea what its actual powers would be. I'd also appreciate suggestions for making a new Giant Scorpion; the Stormclaw is not only a level 1 creature, but it's also a bit too supernatural for my tastes- it doesn't really fit the theme of this encounter that well, I feel.