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I am starting a 4e online campaign (house ruled) for anyone that might be interested. You may be wondering... How do i play D&D over the Internet. Here is how we are doing it. We are using Maptool from the popular site RPtools.com. A live program that shows what players and the DM are drawing or importing onto a Canvas or Map - We are also using a Ventrillo Server to get rid of the annoying typing that can take away from any role playing that might happen on occasion. We are looking for laid back players that wouldn't mind playing on random dates. The DM (myself) has a random work schedule that may change future game dates. Willing to work with anyone else's schedules if needed. Looking for players with a all around want for fun and excitement. Please if you are interested in trying this out please e-mail me at    raidenrowe@yahoo.com It is my best source of communication.


Mykel (Rad)

Feel free to E-mail any questions that you have about this Campaign.

bump, i guess...

Where is the best spot to get into an online campaign at?

Concisely: I want a system where players don't have to pick between mechanics and roleplaying. I hope 5E fails asap so a better system can be made asap.

( I can't believe what they did to the forums. The sterile lack or color is rather depressing. )


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