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"Before dawn comes there is but grey, and our world is no exception. Before the dawn of life there was only Grey, and the One waiting, dreaming." - quote from the Liberi Universitas.

Scholars have argued over the origins of existence for ages, and no two theories are alike.

"The world isn't real at all, just a dream and we are all thoughts and figments of imagination..."

"Life is just a simulation, with one great god watching all of us as we go through our daily routines..."

"Gods don't exist at all. Life spontaneously appeared and that's that..."

"We're all adrift on the back of a massive whale! A great beastly whale that swims softly through the heavens!"

Everyone has their own idea as to how it all began, but I know the real story. Come, seekers of truth! I will tell you all of the very first Lords of Creation...


This is a history of mortals, a saga of divinities. A story with no start, and a tale with no end. This is the legend of the Lords of Creation, and the world they help to build.

There is no void, no pervading darkness. It is not palpable emptiness, or an endless space waiting for something, anything to be placed within it. There is nothing, for nothing has been created. It is non-existence, the world behind closed eyes, beyond waking hours, filled with possibilities, and with none at all. And introduced into this nothing are the Three.

Perhaps they had always been there, in the endlessness of it all, in the eternity. They are the Three from beyond what is, from beyond what will be. They are the ebb and flow of Time, and it is with them that our story starts.

From all that has been is born Para, the First Sister.

From all that is springs Pasha, the Second Sister.

From all that will be comes Panna, the Third Sister.

Para, who was the wisest of the Three, knew of the futility of the nothing, and to her sisters proclaimed an end to the non-being. Pasha, who was the most active, wished to be the one to create, while Panna, who had seen what was to come, knew that all must end. She believed in the futility of creation.

Heedless of her sister's warnings, Pasha reached within herself and shaped her desire to create. Thus Creation was born.

Not wanting the past to be forgotten, Para culled from the nothing the power to know, and to remember. Thus Knowledge was born.

Lastly, Panna was furious at her sister for ignoring her warning, and so she placed a deadly pronouncement upon her. That all must come to an end. Thus Destruction was born.

The sisters, done with their work, set their children into the emptiness. They waited, for now, and watched.

In the emptiness that was the universe, a tiny fluxuation appeared from the nothingness, flickering into existence and vanishing once more only to reappear, a little ways off, perhaps a little bigger.  Like a rolling wave, slowly gathering up energy as it is blown by an unknown wind, the fluxuation, emptiness upon emptiness, yet somehow different, moved through the nothingness, growing larger and larger with each passing moment.  First, like a grain of sand, then, like the smallest marble, then, like a small polished stone, it grew, until it came towards Para.  The object appeared before her, now several feet across, flickered, and then changed, the nothingness sloughing from its form as if washed away by a mother's tender ministration. 

A white orb, an eye, floated before Para, hazel iris expanding and contracting in a regular rhythm, as if it were a heartbeat or the fledgling god's breathing.  Bisecting the iris from nearly top to bottom was a dark slit of a pupil, that dilated as it took in the form before it.

Around the godling, suddenly a voice could be heard, emanating from the being itself:

"Mother.  You have called, and I have answered.  But I am unfulfilled.  What is there to know in this bleak emptiness?" 

A ripple of creation reached across the expanse of nothing. So far the natural order was Nothing, to always be Nothing, and it had just shattered. It was called from Nothing, to bring the world back to Nothing. The Grey turned into black, and a tendril of black-matter formed. Sensing another presence, it turned emitting a sound like a hiss. It stared at its own creator and asked.

"Why? Why have you taken me from the embrace of Nothing?"

Resident generic resident.

The presance of another became tangible in the minds of those nearby, but there was no form, no figure, and no words we said. The appararition seemed content to remain silent and unseed.

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71235715 wrote:

Para was the first to speak.

"It is enough to simply know that we are, and that you are, all else will follow soon my child."

Then Panna raised her head and said,

"It is your duty to return all else into the Nothing. It is your sacrifice to relinquish your non-being to bestow non-being upon all else."

Pasha, however, was infuriated at her creation's passive nature.

"Rise, my child, and go, create of this nothing, form something of where there is nothing, this is your highest mandate!"

"And only then can I return to the loving hold of Nothing."

Its voice suddenly became more feminine, very similar to its mother's voice, but deeper and more echoing. The tendril spoke again after the briefest of moments, or perhaps after a few eternities,

"Everything that is shall come to know me and become my enemy. I shall destroy whatever creature or thing that comes in my way. I am Destruction. I am Zo-Att."

Zo-Att turned from her mother and floated along the endless expanse of Grey, looking for her enemy: Existence.

Resident generic resident.

The eye bobbled.

"You are wise, Mother.  I know that I exist, and that you exist, yet that is not enough.  What else exists?  What more is there to know?  I must find out."

With that, the eye began floating away from Para, out into the nothingness, searching out any other glimmers of existence in the void.

From nothingness a voice echoed forth, following Zo-Att through the void. "So be it. Let the first act of creation, be the creation of force for destruction."

Before the three sisters, the gray nothing begin to glow before a ball of flames burst into existence, containing the previous unformed creation. The sphere split, half of it retaining conciousness, the other floating in place, and endless flame to illuminate nonexistence.

PP Expenditures
3 PP - Claim Domain (Greater) - Fire
1 PP - Create Artifact (Lesser) - The Burning Orb

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71235715 wrote:

And so the Three turned to the Nothing. And Pasha spoke.

"If there is to be creation, there must be a space in which to create."

Para added her wise words.

"Something upon which to base reality."

Panna knew she had no chance in stopping her sisters, and so agreed.

"I have seen the future, and it is Time that binds all things, controls all things."

And Para said,

"Then Time must rule the Nothing"

And into the Nothing they pooled their power, into a place to anchor their power. It would forevermore be the centre of all. There was a brightening, in this spot, a glow. Bands of lights poured from the Grey, and spun and weaved through the Nothing. These chains worked to bond reality together, to form a basis for everything. Soon a great roiling mass of bright golden bands existed, holding a relatively spherical shape in what was once the Nothing. Reality around it had taken a new, not easily described aspect. It was real somehow, as the difference between the darkness when you close your eyes, and the darkness when you open them. And all of reality was bound thusly, by the bonds of Time.

PP Expenditure

3 PP Create Artifact - The Eternal Clock - This vast spherical mass of roiling bands of light can control and manipulate time anywhere in existence. 

The eye floated aimlessly, when suddenly and without warning, a brilliant light burst into being to his right!  The eye's pupil contracted dramatically, momentarially plunging the world into blackness before his eye adjusted and sight returned.  Curious, he moved towards it, finally coming to a stop before one of the two spheres, one, he sensed, that possessed a spark of knowing, like him.

"Greetings, Bright One.  Who are you, and what have you made?  I am in awe of your talents."

The sphere seems to take not of him, but says nothing for a long moment. Finally, it spoke. "I am creation, and I have made a fire, a creation that destroys. It confuses me."

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71235715 wrote:

"Is this the face of Existence? Is this what I have been made to destroy?"

Zo-Att turned toward the offending orb. It seemed like it had such beautiful potential for destruction... yet it was still creation. She had best not forget her purpose. A mouth formed on Zo-Att's features, and a black bolt moved from it straight toward the Orb. The Orb burst apart, and for a moment, she looked content with her work. But after that, she saw the Orb had reformed into smaller pieces; multiple orbs rotating around in a circle. She still had some work to do with this destroying business.

PP Used
1 PP
- Modify Artifact - The Burning Orb now becomes the Orbs of Flame. (Still no defined purpose)

Resident generic resident.

The eye turned to watch Zo-att approach.  "And who might you be?" he called out to the new god.

"Brothers", the eye said, looking at the two others who even now toyed with the non-sentient orb.  "It is good to meet you both.  May I?"

The eye reached out with his conciousness towards the balls of weaving flames, binding them all together with mystic energies that restored their unity while maintaining their seprate forms.  Power and influence exerted on one of the balls would now affect the other balls, if to a lesser degree.

1 PP Modify Artifact:  United Balls of Flame.  The balls of flame are now connected to one another.  Things that affect one orb affect each orb to some degree, although the connection strength is randomly assigned.  In the future, such orbs could possibly be used as communication devices over long distances by talented and precise mortals.

"I am Zo-Att. I am that which isn't. I am tasked to put an end to creation."

Zo-Att looked carefully at the Eye, examining its nature.

"You are much like me, yet completely different. I would end your existence right now, but I have a feeling that it would not be possible. What are you?"


Resident generic resident.

"I am... me." the eye waves from side to side as if uncertain.  "What more could I be?  You could say... I am Knowledge."

"What does it mean to be a Zo-Att?  I am Knowledge, but I know not yet what a Zo-Att is."

"Zo-Att means to be what wants not to be. Do you understand? That Orb, it had form and structure. I destroyed that, yet I made it something new entirely, rather than removing it. I advise you to be weary of what you create, for I intend to end that as well."

Resident generic resident.

"I do understand.  Zo-att describes you, defines you.  Is you.  Facinating.  If it is alright with you, I will call such a thing a name."

"Then what name defines yourself?"

Inky darkness raised from Zo-Att's form circling around the Eye. She was unsure why this happened...

1 PP given to ??? (The Eye)

Resident generic resident.

The eye paused, a name in its mind yet unspoken.  Names had power.  Names defined the very essence of that which was named.  Such things should not be known by just everyone.

"Brother, I shall tell you my name, but you must promise not to tell anyone else."

Moving closer to Zo-Att, the eye's voice became soft and projected only into Zo-Att's mind.


"My name is Dvrgr, Zo-Att.

As the eye said this, he felt a surge of power flow from him and mix with that of his brother before speeding off into the darkness far from the orbs of flame.  He watched it go, surprised.

"Did you see that, Zo-Att?"

Not even pausing to hear whether the other god answered, the eye followed the power for a few moments before spotting the other one, the one not known as Zo-Att.

"Hello again, brother.  I gather from talking to Zo-Att, the third one, the destroyer, that you are responsible for the original form of the orb that blinded me.  How did you do such an amazing thing?"


1 PP + 1 PP from Zo-att: Ascend God:  Ascend the god of Secrets.

The flames hovered, slowly floating away from Zo-Att. "I am creation and thus I create. The how is irrelevant. I simply do."

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71235715 wrote:

And Pasha spoke.

"Sisters, why leave the creation to the others? Why not create ourselves?"

Para replied thusly:

"Yes, create a monument to the Three so that the Three may not be forgotten."

Panna, who had been wary about creating the Clock, was hesitant.

"The very core of our being means that all that is must soon no longer be."

Para turned to her sister and said,

"But for there the be Destruction, there must first be Creation."

Pasha, who was excited to begin creating said,

"Then let us begin!"

The Three then saw the burning Orbs, and noted their flickering, changing forms. Para remarked upon them.

"Perhaps we shall make something with a more... stable shape."

The others nodded, and thus the Spheres of Stone were created. Set around a larger Orb of Flame, the Spheres spun through the intervening space, orbiting slowly around the Orb.

PP Expenditures

1 PP Mold Land (Superior) The Spheres of Stone - A massive planetoid orbits around one of the Orbs of Flame.

1 PP Mold Land (Superior) The Spheres of Stone - A massive planetoid orbits around one of the Orbs of Flame.

1 PP Mold Land (Superior) The Spheres of Stone - A massive planetoid orbits around one of the Orbs of Flame.

"Would you help me to Create?  I am a fast learner, and I desire something more durable than my current form.  Would you show me how?"


"Perhaps, perhaps. . . . I have much to discover myself first, though.'

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71235715 wrote:

"Then perhaps we can discover it together, brother.  But there is so little at the moment.  What shall we do first?"


The eye pulled out part of his essence and tinkered with it, pulling it one way and the next, trying to recreate that which the god of creation had done, but nothing happened.  How frustrating!

"Yes, I need your guidance."


1 PP for ascending the god of creativity



He turns and looks at it. "What is that supposed to be? Then again, what was I trying to do before. I've other projects to work on, and other things to do. Hm . . . ."

He brushes past the troublesome god hirriedly, muttering to himself about pestering fellows. In his hasty movements, he brushed the thing, and frowned in annoyance as it drained part of his power. ""That was uncalled for."

Irritated, he moved off to see more of the growing creations around his fire.

PP Expenditures
1 PP +1 PP (From Toph) - Ascend God - Invention

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71235715 wrote:



What is "I"? Where did "I" come from? Where is "I"? What is all this around "I"?

The fledgling deity looked around in a sort of euphoria. What was all this? What were those different things? What are these things nearby?

It looked back at the nearby beings with a mixture of confusion and curiousity.

"Did you make I?"


The nothingness beyond the light of the orbs of flame pulsed and throbbed, rippling as... something... was born. Or perhaps nothing was born. The nature of secrets was that if they were kept well enough, they might as well not exist. But the god of secrets certainly existed... and it knew. Knew everything that shouldn't be known. A single fact, kept between two instead of between all justified it's existence. A single strand pulling the the cloud of darkness into existence.

Looking about from it's position on the edge of all that is and could be, the new god gazed over what little had been created so far. So little. So boring. How was he to know what should be known when there was nothing to know? How could he hide things that should not be seen if there was nothing to hide? There was only he, and he had to reveal himself if he had any chance to conceal. To exist. The God of Secrets must be an open fact, and the paradox of that confused the god to no end.

Drifting over to the first god that caught his eye, the god of secrets drifted over, a shimmering spot of dark existence that concealed all within and blotted out what was behind it from view. It was a shame there was nothing in either to keep a secret.  

"What... am I?" the godling asked the god he would later know as Zo-Att, with a paradoxical voice without sound, as if the god were taking the silence between seconds and arranging them into some semblance of conversation.

Zo-Att stared at this new godling with some interest. It had a similar composition of its body to hers. Did she make this just by hearing his name?

"You are... mine, but no one can know. That is what you are. Do you understand? I am Zo-Att, the end of all things. I have countless unwork to do in the future, and I will require assistance for that task."

Zo-Att's form wrapped around the new god, to feel it. After a moment of that, she asked, "Can I trust you to help me? To help your creator?"

It suddenly occured to her that she had just performed an act of creation. Odd, it did not feel wrong. In fact, it felt right, like the perfect thing that she could have done.

Resident generic resident.

Help his creator? It felt... right. And another secret... the very words 'nobody must know' sent a shiver down the gods (metaphorical) spine as he felt his meager power growing.

"You and I do seem to have a lot in common, Maker," the voiceless god replied in that odd silence with meaning.  "What is not meant to be known is the fuel that sustains my very existence. How can I refuse a request that involves adding to my power?"

It seems the god of secrets might be a secret after all.

"So tell me, Maker, what can what is not meant to be and is forgotten do to serve that which seeks the nothingness of the void and rubble of what is and what will come?"

"Well, but-"  The eye cut off as Creation pushed past him, brushing against his offered proto-creation as he did so.  For the first time, The eye felt the emotion of annoyance.  His iris narrowed as he weaved back and forth in short, discrete bursts, giving off a distinct impression not quite unlike a cat arching its back and pacing back and forth.


Another voice!  The eye turned around to spot the new godling, just begining to question the universe.

"Well... yes, you could say that I did make you.  But... what are you, little one?  Do you have a name?"

The mouth that Zo-Att had just formed crept into a smile. She had already found an ally to assist her efforts. Hopefully her counterpart, the Creator, did not have such luck. She uncoiled from the figure of her new creation and looked right at him. Her voice dropped in volume.

"Do you see the shining orbs of light in the distance? Those are mistakes. I am sure that there is a way to destroy them, or alter them to our purposes, but right now that information is unknown. If we were to figure out, I'm sure that would benefit us both."

Zo-Att's gaze shifted to the bright orbs. They were not meant for this world. Nothing was.

Resident generic resident.

The godling, who shimmered and flicked about like an insubstantial goldfish, flew all around the floating thing that spoke to it.

"Name?  What is name?  Does I have a name?"


Nothing? Nothing was not something the godling wanted. Nothing would mean that he would be forever doomed to live off of the same two secrets for all eternity, never growing, never changing. But nothing seen... nothing heard... all of existence either reduce to rubble or hidden from the view of his overzealous Maker... that was something the Voice without Sound could get behind.

Looking out at where the god indicated, Voiceless hissed with displeasure. Not at creation, but how open it was! Where was the concealment? The deception? It was just so... sickeningly honest. "I see where your displeasure comes from, Maker. I too would seek a way to make this existence more in line with our vision." Or his vision, not being able to perceive that was secret.

The god would have frowned in thought, had he had the concept of facial expressions. Even if he had, he would most likely have abandoned them as being too honest. Letting other people know how you really think was abhorrent to him. "Maker, what of those stone spheres that revolve around the fires you detest so? Are they a part of existence you wish to destroy also?"

"Well, of course you have a name!  All things have names, little one.  Perhaps I will call you coleander.  Although, perhaps not."

The eye studied the newling god, floating up and down in front of it.

"Sonel, that shall be your name."

The young god flickered with delight upon recieving a name.

"Sonel Sonel Sonel!  I is SonelSonel is I!  Sonel is happy with this name you have given Sonel."

The little god suddenly turned toward the stony spheres, eager to see them up close.

"Come, come maker-creator!  Sonel wants to see those things with the more different things!"


"Why not, Sonel.  Let us see what they are."

The eye followed Sonel towards the large structures.

As Sonel approached the spheres that ringed one of the fiery orbs it giggled with excitement.  Swiftly alighting upon the surface of one, Sonel proceeded to make all sorts of lines zigzagging across thesurface, racing wildly all about as it did so.

"Look look!  Sonel can make too!"

Soon the surface was covered with strange lines and Sonel was bored.

"Want to try to make something together, creator?" Sonel asked cheerfully.


The eye laughed.  Sonel's joy was infectious.  He was glad of this happy accident that had produced such a joyous offspring.  For the briefest of moments, he pondered as to whether or not the other odd occurance, with the far more dour Zo-Att had created another youngling, but, finding such a question unanswerable, he banished it from his mind and focused on the question Sonel had asked.

"Yes, let us create something.  Perhaps another friend to explore with us.  Something made of wit and ingenuity."

Friend?  This was a new concept to Sonel.  Friend must be a good thing since maker wanted to make one.  Sonel bobbed up and down vigorously in agreement.

"Yes yes!  Make new friend that we can play with.  Sonel will help!  What kind of friend should we make, maker?"


"I don't know, Sonel.  Why don't we begin experimenting and see what comes out of our efforts?"


Pulling some proto-stuff out of the nothingness hiding behind the void, the Eye laid it before him, and began to prod and pull at the stuff, slowly but surely working it into a roughly circular shape.  He began to draw out matter into apendages, eight of them, each radiating off the main form in a smooth arc.  He also moved into the central region of the protoplasm and began working as well, forming two concentric rings connected to one another via four rods.

The eye stared at the creation.  It, honestly, wasn't much to look at, all soft lines and shadows... more a suggestion of a being than an actual completed product.  Perhaps he did not have all the tools he needed.

He turned to Sonel.

"Why don't you have a go?  You might find more luck than I in creating something worth animating."

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