[2E Ravenloft] A Dwarf Fighter5/Psion5 Who Feels Like Inventing

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My group has decided to go old school for a 2E Ravenloft module for a change.  Instead of elegantly disabling foes, I wanted to wield a massive weapon and smash through things like they were pinatas while shrugging off pain like I'm on Vikadin.  I felt it an interesting twist to be a part-time inventor with primitive steampunk gadgets.

I have access to all 2E books we can find, except Dark Sun material.  No Will and the Way psionic material except in rare cases.

Most rules are by the book, but multiclassing and level limits are laxed.  We start with 40,000 experience and DM-approved magic items.

My Party
-Human Psion (Telepath)6: She enjoys mental trickery.

-Elf Cleric5/Mage5: Group healer, support, and artillery platform

-Human Cleric5->FighterX: He's Van Helsing in full plate wielding the biggest blade he can.

-Elf Rogue5/Psion (Nomad)5: Sneaker, minesweeper, pickpocket, and psychoporter

Mezregoon, LN Dwarf Fighter5/Cleric5
18/51 STR, 16 DEX, 18 CON, 14 INT, 15 WIS, 9 CHA - Base
19 STR (base 16), 18 DEX, 18 CON, 14 INT, 15 WIS, 9 CHA - Taking Girdle of Hill Giant Strength

-Club (Master)
-Sling (Master)

-Gem Cutting

-+2 Club
-+2 Sling of Seeking
-+1 Medium Shield
-+1 Studded Leather
-Ring of Feather Fall
-Ring of Protection I (+1 to saves - AC doesn't stack with magic armor)
-Periapt of Wound Closure
-Boots of Striding and Springing (speed is now human base speed)
-Girdle of Hill Giant (19) STR
-Game Day Helm AKA Beer Hat (holds potion liquid for up to 2 potions at a time and a straw to each potion)

-Bag of Holding I (250 lb limit, weighs 15lb)
-Rope of Climbing

1: What sort of psionic items can I make with gem cutting?
2: What are the limits of the Engineering skill?

-I have 5 proficiencies, enough to master 1 melee weapon and the sling.  I'm strongly considering a club since 2E Clerics can onliy use blunt weapons.

-I can safely wear any armor of studded leather or worse.  Any more and my psi powers have a chance to fail.

-I can safely wear shields, but the best shield for me at present is a medium shield.

-I'm unsure how many of my desired items I'll get since these starting items are given at DM's discretion.