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The 10th level item can be bought multiple times, essentially giving high paragon/epic characters infinite healing resources at no real cost outside of combat. Using up all the diamond crystals on a belt should count as a daily magic item use to fix.

If what you say is correct, then I agree wholeheartedly

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I don't think this is important enough to fix.  There are quite a few tricks granting surgeless healing in late-game; making it a daily power would render is extremely unattractive for it's primary purpose of actual in-combat healing too.

However, the destroyed diamonds might be restored as a daily item power; that still weaken the item; but at least you could still use it as a fallback even after your daily item usages were used up.

I'm not sure it's worth fixing, though.

erdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size:12px; margin:8px">Two issues:
1) The power grants extra healing surges as a minor action as an at-will power, which essentially gives away the dwarf second wind power to anyone. Similar magic items cost a magic item daily to use.
2) The power, as an at-will, allows for an extra healing surge per 5,000 gold spent. A character can simply take off whatever belt they are wearing, put on one of these, and heal themselves outside of combat with them without spending healing surges. They could even put on a fresh belt for every combat and walk in with what amounts to the dwarven second wind ability every single encounter for what rapidly becomes a negligable amount of gold (doing this for 5 encounters per day would cost only 25,000 gold).
Suggested solution:
The power should be a daily power usable 1, 2, or 3 times per day.
surgeless healing in late-game

Late-game, it's not a horrible problem (still powerful, though). But it's a level 10 item. In heroic, it's a no-brainer pick, similar to Iron Armbands of Power.

Restoration (or maybe use) of the diamonds via daily magic item power is a good fix. But I think it might be better to just re-value the power of this belt and leave it as is. Make it level 14/24 with 1 diamond at L14 and 2 at L24.

The problem is with having multiple copies of the cincture work for one character, right?  Well, what about applying the same fix they did to the scabbards--add a line that to benefit from the belt, you must have worn it during your last extended rest.  That way, the item is just as useful, but only one can be used per day.
I think the "must wear the belt during your previous short rest" would be a good way to fix it if it needs fixing.

I will point out, however, that as a daily power it wouldn't need any further limiting. If you have item dailies to burn, you can already spend them all on surges with multiple suits of 560gp dwarven chain mail. No, I haven't seen anyone doing that either.
During a short rest wouldn't restrict it sufficiently to prevent post-combat abuse, or someone who just uses one per combat, swapping belts after the combat. Seems like a good candidate for adjustment.
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