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"Eagle Summons the Fire" requires serious re-wording.

Eagle Summons the Fire (11th level): you and your allies can choose creatures or squares adjacent to your spirit companion as the target of your ranged attacks and area attacks.

It is unclear whether it gives you or your allies, or both,  or what it even does. Is it intended to allow the party to ignore the ranges of their powers when using Ranged or Area attacks? If not, what is it intended to do?

Needs errata badly.

What it means:

When you or one of your allies makes a ranged or area attack, you can choose to target creatures or squares adjacent to the spirit, rather than whatever the default range would be.

Just note that your allies do not gain the benefit of LoS or LoE from the spirit. They can simply change the target creature/square. The attack is in all other aspects carried out normally.

When you or one of your allies makes a ranged or area attack, you can choose to target creatures or squares adjacent to the spirit, rather than whatever the default range would be.

Gala, allies can already target creatures or squares adjacent to the spirit companion, so that conveys no benefit. And there's nothing in the text that allows allies to ignore the normal range restrictions of their attacks, you're reading that in. Maybe you're right and that's what it's supposed to mean, but that's certainly not what it says.

Kestrel is right, this needs errata.
Update: This has been addressed in the March2010 rules update. The new wording is as follows:

Eagle Summons the Fire (11th level)
: You can determine line of sight and line of effect for ranged attacks and area attacks from your spirit companion.
This new wording is interesting. Note that the sentence begins with "you", which I take to mean that allies do not get use the spirit companion for this feature (although my interpretation may be debatable). Also note that while you get to determine LOS and LOE from your spirit companion, you do not get to determine attack range from your spirit companion. It also does not specify that only your Shaman powers will benefit from this, which is of potential value to hybrid characters.

All in all a good fix, I say. Thank you, WotC!

Well I guess it was a nice try... However, this still needs errata to be useful.

From my understanding of the feature, it now lets Keen Eagles make ranged and area attacks around corners via their spirit. That's great... except Shaman don't really get area attack powers and ranged attacks determine cover from their origin (the shaman) and concealment from the target (obscured square, etc).

Furthermore the area attacks that they do get are utility powers and therefore not attacks?, so can't be used with this feature.

Is the intent for this to be a paragon path that's got more utility for characters who multi-class? Sort of like Entrancing Mystic (e.g. Warlocks don't get charm powers with saves).
It uses the same language that allows Melee Spirit powers to avoid obstacles and obscured terrain now.

I'd agree that they could do a lot to make spirit companions function more agreeably in the rules, and they could use a whole article and/or FAQ, but it appears to do what's necessary in this instance - be clear about intent. You determine cover and concealment from the spirit, not the shaman.
Keith Richmond Living Forgotten Realms Epic Writing Director
No, it uses the language that allows you to target powers when you would otherwise be unable to do so. To explain, melee spirit 1 can target a creature around a hairpin provided the spirit is placed at the apex.

This would normally suffer the same problem as the March errata for Eagle Summons the Fire, however the spirit keyword goes further and also states "which (the spirit) is the power's origin square." That is what is important, because that is what is used to determine whether a target has cover or not.

Basically the feature needs to say something similar if it wants to function "as intented".
I guess I'm not being clear enough. The _intent_ is now obvious - whereas before it was relatively indecipherable. Thusly, the errata is effective in that respect. Folks can run their games just fine with it. It can be improved, but _a lot_ about spirit companions can be improved.
Keith Richmond Living Forgotten Realms Epic Writing Director
Corn, when you say that a shaman is not really getting area attack powers and instead only getting area utilities, that's not accurate. Skimming quickly through Primal Power, I see Great Watcher's Spirit, Stone Root Spirit, Coils of the World Serpent, and Tree Father's Bounty. All daily attack powers, not mere utilities. Not many perhaps, but they exist. And I think PHB2 has a couple more, although I haven't checked. Anyway, there is definitely some use granted by the feature to shaman area attacks.

As for the rules not being useful in relation to concealment, I can see the current wording remaining useful as sometimes lightly or heavily obscured squares will be positioned between you and the target, such as a cloth curtain or a smoke cloud. And so range attacks will sometimes benefit from calculating LoS from the spirit companion.

All that said, I agree with you that it's goofy to allow a shaman to calculate LoE from the spirit companion, yet remain mute as to whether things like cover must still be calculated from the shaman's square. Presumably cover is meant to also be calculated from the spirit companion, but if they forgot to mention cover then I think it becomes fair to wonder whether they likewise meant a shaman to be able to calculate range from their spirit companion.

The new March 2010 wording is certainly better than the original wording, but you've convinced me that some further clarification would be welcome.
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