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Why not ajani goldmane as a 2nd planeswalker instead of 2 garruks?  Otherwise looks pretty good.  Could use wilt leaf liege, tolsimir, or glorious anthem to make your tokens bigger, or cycle them with ooze garden, and could add vigor to save your tokens from volcanic fall out, except its a 6 mana creature so you can't play it super early or anything.

Oh and rhys the redeemed, makes white/green elf warrior tokens.  Captain of the watch is also decent in the same way, it produces soldier tokens and those tokens get vigilance.


Having honor of the pure or captain of the watch defeats the purpose of having sigil captain. Also... i believe that having two untapped lands is more beneficial that gaining 2 life.. and the overrun ability with the amount of the tokens can definitely whoop out big damage.

You are playing tons of subpar cards, like hour of reckoning, too many non-4of (seriously, Spectral Procession is your best card and you're playing 2), not enough stupid plays (mirrorweave can be hilarious), and not enough defense (you completely fold to Wrath of God).  Find better cards for holy day, hour of reckoning, and anything else that seems counter-intuitive or slow, fill up the good cards, add a couple copies of mirrorweave, and run Gaddock Teeg.

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So when UR Delver came out to win a GP, did Christian Calcano email/call you and thank you personally, or was there just a mutual understanding?
Legitimately laughed at this...haha
No kidding. +1 internets for a hidden gem in the standard deck help.
Please remember that Extended Deck Help is the correct place to post deck critique threads.

I'll have this locked in the meantime; feel free to repost this there.
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