Earth Spirits?

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Sorry to be a bother about this, but I was reading a review of the Primal Powers book that cam out today. I wont be able to look at it until tomorrow and I wont be able to really Buy it until friday, so I wont get a good look at the new builds until then. But I will have a few minutes to peek at the book to see what I like.

I am currently am a Level 12 Druid and I just want to KNOW one thing. What exactly are Earth Spirits. Sorry about that, but are they like Rangers Pets or Arcane Familyars? (I would like an Owl or Hawl on my shoulder xD if it is the second of the two.)

Other then is less importent, but I still wanna know. (My friends and I might take some trible feats, but I know most about that.) What should I keep an eye out for? Maybe some powers I should look for for a Wildshape Druid? If there are Earthspirits, maybe one that I might like? No Spucifics, just a tid-bit so I know what I am looking for.

Thanks for the help, and takeing your time to read this. I look forward to your replies.

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