Zara: Property of Gadic Zane

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God knows unnatural things happened in the Care Corporation labs on Zaria.  Humans with avian features...feathers growing in their hair and at various intervals across their bodies, usually of thin frame, with slight talons on hands and feet.  Back up against the wall, their avian features become more pronounced and they screech as their talons grow longer and they become far more deadly.  Zara was one of the first to survive the process and prove able.  She was also given to a less than caring master.  Suffering abuse and insults with a smile and indomitable will, she was eventually freed from the service of that master in a terror bombing.

Given the nature of her conditioning and her limited experience in doing anything for herself, it was no wonder that she fell into the service of another human.  Gadic Zane was a man who, despite being relatively rich, couldn't keep out of the red without chasing his latest prospect or get rich quick scheme.  He was a pale, almost unhealthy looking man who could handle himself in social affairs...though he probably had only survived that far by other men's blood and luck.  She was put to work as his bodyguard and servant...and, even in the hazardous conditions, she found herself more attached to this master than her prior master.  Perhaps it was the way that she was human to him, at least a little bit.   He acknowledges her feelings, lets her sit at his table, and even trusts her to live with his family.

She dotes on his children, loving them as if they were her own, but his wife, Estella, is a jealous, greedy woman.  Spirits know that it only got worse when he gave Zara the shiny (and fake) sapphire pendant that she had stared at when they passed it walking the halls of Station X23.  Of course, Estella cares more for the fact that Gadic and Zara bring home money moreso than anything else.  If he dies in the line of duty, she'll get his money...

Little does Zara know, she's about to manifest a psychic power...which will see her recruited into te lower secret echelons of the military...and it will see her and the Zanes drawn into a war...


Zara is a strong and quick woman.

Her strengths are relative calmness in combat, natural talent with most weapon varieties, and resilience.

Her weaknesses are her subserviance, her lack of education, and a minor attraction to shiny objects. 


Zara is an ebony skinned woman with long black hair.  She is a thin woman, overall, and her face is narrow and angular.  Nestled in her hair are several silver and dark green feathers, the place where they are most plentiful on her body.  Along her arms are similar feathers, though they are few.  This trend of jade and white feathers spaced out well enough continues along her body, they don't grow on hands or feet as to impede their use.  Around her neck, she wears a pendant with a shiny, dark blue stone.  Her fingers have nails that resemble miniature talons, though they aren't so long as to get in the way unless she intends them to.  One would suspect her toes are similar...

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