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I am going to be running a game here fairly soon for a group of my buddies. Actually, more like this weekend. I have all the books I need, a DM Screen, and a Plastic Mat to play on. The only problem is that I really don't have anything to represent my monsters. Now I know that I could go and buy the miniatures that Wizards has on sale, but honestly, I give these guys enough of my money. And when I spend mony on miniatures, it's for wargames, not D&D. So, what I am contemplating is either, creating my own tokens to represent the monsters. Maybe like, some paper circles, glued to round pieces of cardboard, or the like. Do you guys think this would be ok, coming from a gamers perspective? I mean, I personally would be ok with it, if I was on the opposite end of the Screen, but not everyone thinks the same. Does anyone happen to know maybe where I could even find some print-outs with pre-drawn circles, or squares or something that I could maybe just print out, and cut/paste? Any information is appreciated.....

I prefer mini's and if you buy them over the course of a year in small amounts (or a box or two every time a new set comes out) it doesn't cost you very much at each purchase.


But in your situation, since your running a game so soon, I'd definitely go with a 'token' system. It works and you'd be surprised how many people use it. Search the forum as theres a good number of threads on making your own custom tokens. You just need a decent printer.

However I would suggest getting minis for your player's characters. Each player having a cool little mini helps them more visually recognize their characters and perhaps develope a stronger bond to them and help them come up with good backstories for them.

You can find pretty cheap plastic mini's at;





I personally get metal mini's that my players paint themselves. I spent a bit of money on some miniature paints and send them to the Reaper Miniatures website to pick out a mini and buy it and then we painted them during our first session. It's great for group building and since they are custom painted my players really identify with their mini.

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