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Ok my search-fu is failing me this week. Has their been a conversion for the Keeper's Fang from 3.5 to 4th?

If I recall, the Keeper's Fang is merely a magic item(dagger) which traps the soul of the slain is it not? - Any trope I reference is likely found here.

yup. I believe (can't find my 3.5 eberron atm) it barred anyone killed with it from being raised.

Desigining it shouldn't be rough, just curious if they actually translated it.

Not that I recall having seen, but as you mentioned, it would not be hard to redesign. - Any trope I reference is likely found here.

K thanks. After seeing a few references but not finding anything on it I was starting to wonder.

As far as I know, no. One option would be to treat it like the power of the Soulthief assassin... someone killed with the dagger can only be raised by someone of higher level than the dagger, which would make level a factor. Or you could just make it a flat only-way-to-save-them-is-to-go-get-the-soul-back, which is certainly more interesting IMO; it simply depends how severe you want it to be.

I was actually toying with something along the lines of the Keeper's fang would need to be shattered before the victim could be raised, possibly including something along the lines of this needing to be done before the blade takes another soul into it which would then destroy the previous soul.

Thou Keith I do like you're second option quite alot.

Gives me something to toy with for a bit, since my group is just getting ready to give 4th Ed a try I'm not really familar enough with the rules yet to completely create a magic item like this just yet.


Thanks again, to both of you, for the input.


i have looked it up and just for anyone who finds this the keeper's fang traps the soul in khyber
So I know that was a response to a 3-year-old thread... but I'm going to post anyway. Unless we're talking a 4E incarnation of the Keeper's Fang that I don't know about (since I haven't read the 4E books in a while), a Keeper's Fang weapon doesn't specify that the soul goes to Khyber. It merely states that it is trapped in the Keeper's domain, which stories say is beneath the Lair of the Keeper in the Demon Wastes. Sure, that could mean as far down as Khyber, but remember that Khyber isn't just physically beneath the ground. It's like its own set of demiplanes. For that matter, just because the stories say that the Keeper's lair is in the Demon Wastes, doesn't mean that's where the souls really go ;)
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