Neocon is Coming to Las Vegas!

November 5-8th, Necon will descend on the Palace Station in Las Vegas!  There will be gamers of all sorts of RPG and RTS games.  There are exhibitor booths, seminars, speeches and of course lots and lots of gaming sessions for all the major games out there.  Get the full scoop at 

In my original post, I made a typeo and put Neocon.  It should have been Neoncon.  Anyway, the convention is almost upon us.  I'll be there from Thursday afternoon until sometime on Saturday evening.  Even though I live here in Vegas, I've decided to get a room at the Palace Station so I can stay up later and keep gaming without having to worry about trying to drive home afterwards.  I plan on doing a lot of "traditional" D&D gaming with both 3.5 and 4.0 rules as well as playing D&D Miniatures battles.  I also am planning on checking out the Indie RPG Carnival where they will have games made by individuals and small companies for us to try out.  I'm also looking forward to checking out the vendor booths as we have a few decent hobby stores in Vegas, but even they are a bit limited as to what they carry for RPGs. 

There are many seminars and workshops that are scheduled to go on as well.  The main one I want to attend is the Game Developers Workshop as they say on the site that you can bring ideas for games and by the time you are done with the workshop, have enough info to turn them into real games.  I have several ideas for games and will take a couple of my more fully developed ones along with me to the workshop.  

I'm going to focus on table-top games, but they will also have Live Action Role Playing (LARP) games and the RPGs where the is even more focus on playing roles and less on combat than there is in D&D 3.5.  I might watch some of this action, but I don't think I'm ready to try any actual LARPing myself.  I used to do stage plays in high school and I do medieval reinactment stuff at ren fairs though, so it might be fun to try it in the future.


How about you guys?  Are any of you coming to Neoncon?  If so, what events and games are you most looking forward to?


Also, whether you are going or not, I'm also wondering about ideas you have for games.  If you could take your ideas to a game developer like Wizards of the Coast or Mattel or Milton Bradley etc. and get them to produce the game, what would the game be like? 


I'll start.  One of the ideas I have that I'm taking to the workshop is a miniatures and dice game that is based on the tournaments that they used to do in medival Europe.  It would have jousting, dueling and group melee combat.  Dice would be used to determine the severity of damage inflicted, success of defensive moves, etc.  Their would still be strategy though as players would take turns moving their fighters to try to get in the best positions to deliver the most devastating attacks (or to move to try to defend against attacks).  For example, if you manage to "flank" or attack your opponent from the side or rear, you add extra damage points to whatever attack roll you got since it's harder to defend yourself against side and rear attacks.  The rules for the different combats would be very similar to what we use in reinactment tournaments at ren fairs as well as what can be gleaned from historical and mythical (like the King Arthur legends) accounts of the tournaments.  Players would keep track of how much HP and AP their fighters have, damage to shields and lances etc.  The last player with fighters still standing by the end of the tournament (or the one with the most points accumulated if more than one player still has concious fighters) would be the winner.  For now, I am using LEGO Castle figures for my prototype minis as they are easy to work with and you can remove their weapons and armor to indicate that those items are damaged beyond usefulness.  Eventually, if I ever got the game produced, I would prefer to have my own line of poseable figures somewhat like LEGO (only perhaps more realistic looking) for the game.  Or, I could maybe make a deal with LEGO to make a game that can be played with their figures.

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