Shoot out in the OK Coral

Here is another format to use your minis. :D

Shoot Out in the OK Coral.

A: 100 point build of shooter squad all non-unique.
B: only one piece may have up to 50 hps
C: All other shooters can only have 10 hps
D: Rattatak arena is to be used(or any other map you want if you don't have this one.) Tiles cannot be used in this format. <img src=" title="Sad" />
E: 2 players normal skirmish(no gambit last man standing)
3 or more players use the die rolls and see who sets up first to last. You can set up anywhere on the map but you cannot be within 4 of any other player's pieces. Last man standing wins.
F: All the doors are considered blown up for entire game.
G: The winner of initiative determines order. The first person to go on each round during their phase only activates 1 then each phase after that is as normal of 2.
H: optional (you may use the tile pieces from ultimate missions to make more low cover objects, but you can't use any tile bigger then a 1x2 inch. Place these at random around the map.)
I: optional in 4 player(Team fight) The winner of initiative has to have an opponent go between his and his ally's squad.

Any questions or opinions if you used this format please post. :D

Every move in this game is a mistake, the hope is that your opponent makes a bigger mistake when he makes his move.