Campaign Skirmish Format

Ok here's another format that we've played before at my LGS that was a lot of fun.

Campaign Skirmish's.

Objective: Each participant starts out with a pool of points to build teams from.  For instance, in a 200point constructed tournament the pool total might be a total of 500 points.  Participants should pick one faction and build from that faction using normal faction rules.  The following rules apply.

1. Build a 200 point team from your 500 point pool.

2. Characters that are eliminated during the course of a round are removed from your point pool total.

3. Unique characters that are killed can not be brought back in at a later round in any form (except spirit form)

4. A match can be won in by two different methods

  a. Standard victory points using kill points combined with gambit points.  Standard tie breakers apply in the event of match time limit being reached.

  b. Concession by your opponent.  If a players squad total has been reduce by at least 50% they may concede the match in the interest of preserving their existing squad for further matches

5. At the end of 3 rounds (or however many rounds you decide to play beforehand) the player with the highest total in their points pool is the winner

6. Reinforcements can be played in a given match but any characters remaining at the end of a match that were brought in as reinforcements do not count as credit towards your points pool.