Round Robin Random Rules

Ok since people are posting their different variations on how to play the game to make it fun I figured I'd throw one up that we have played from time to time at our LGS.  I like to call it Round Robin Random Rules.  Prior to the tournament you settle on a point build...100, 150 or 200.  Standard faction rules as if you were playing a regular DCI type competetive match.  Prior to the start of each game (mind you each game, not each round.  So multiple games in a round could be playing differently) the player who looses map choice rolls a D6. Depending on the result of the roll you play one of the following "house" rules for that game.

1. Ciritical Misses: An attack roll of 1 is an automatic miss and the character takes the amount of damage he would have inflicted on the target

2. Fog of War: All non-melee attacks or special abilities or Force powers that replace attacks are limited to a range of 6 squares

3. Respawn: Each player chooses two squares (spawn points) on their side of the map, the player who wins map chooses first then each player alternates until all four spawn points are selected between the two. Spawn points can not be closer then six squares from another square.  During setup your starting locations would be within six squares of your spawn points. Chracters eliminated from the game are allowed to respawn at the end of the round in designated locations on the board. Characters may not end their turn on a spawn point.  Squares containing spawn points are considered to be walls for the purpose of targetting, cover and movement not directly involved with respawning.  Characters may not reenter a square with a spawn point once they have exited.  Gambit areas are measured as four squares from each of your enemies spawn points.

4. Collapsing terrain: At the end of each round the outer most ring of terrain is removed from play, any pieces still in that ring at the end of the round are considered defeated

5. Super-Duper stealth:  All characters in cover can only be attacked by adjacent enemies

6. Capture the flag: Each player must pick up their opponents flag in the gambit area by ending a characters turn adjacent to the flag, then return it to their starting area for a fixed amount of points (players determine point awards, generally at least half the value of the highest costed piece on the board). If a flag bearer is eliminated the flag remains in the last occupied square.  If an allied character ends it's turn adjacent to the flag, the flag returns to the gambit area. Continue play until the victory point total is reached for the match.


love it


Every move in this game is a mistake, the hope is that your opponent makes a bigger mistake when he makes his move.

I like it, except for Rule 2 (maybe 12 squares instead) and Rule 5.

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