Welcome to the ultimate race

Here is another format that is hilariousLaughing and a lot of fun.

I came up with it 2 years ago.  (not to say anyone else hasn't but I haven't seen it elseware)Smile


The Ultimate Race

A:  Humans and Droids are Banned(Cyborgs count as droids)

B:  Uniques are allowed  Example: Logray counts as and ewok

C: Builds are of one race   examples: wookiees,ewoks,nexus, rancors, etc  (note:  there is no faction rules)

D: Build sizes      any that you want to do   150-200 are the most fun  but 100 or less is quicker

E:  Any maps are usable and you can play on tiles

F: 2 player game equals a skirmish style setup without a gambit zone.

G: 3 or more players roll for set up and you place in order of highest to lowest anywhere on map, or lowest to highest if playing on tiles.  (when placing on maps you can place anywhere including adjacent to anyone.  Most players will choose their own rooms and go from there)

H:  characters that have two different races on it count as either.  Example: felucian on rancor can be in either a rancor race squad or felucian race squad.(if one of the race is droid or human it is a banned piece)

J: Any at-st and most mounted weapons count as human(use your judgement)  All order 66 is human.  Vader is human.


I hope this makes somebody smile when played.  Please let me know what you think of the game format by posting.  Any question also please post.Smile



Every move in this game is a mistake, the hope is that your opponent makes a bigger mistake when he makes his move.

This is an interesting twist on the game.  I had never thought of doing something like this.  Maybe it's just the wave of political correctness that surrounds us folks in Jersey that makes us so afraid of racial profiling like this

Some of us at my lgs have played species-themed squads, such as Rodians, Twileks, etc. They are always fun, and when playing against other races, it might balance out some of the crappier pieces as well (meaning my Twilek Scoundrel is almost as useless as your Rodian Mercenary, etc.) Duros would be a fun race to try as well.

On another note, I eventually want to do a Tuskens vs Jawas match someday...

Here is a link to the Orphans list I maintain: http://www.desmoinesfanforce.net/Orphans.htm Life-sized Tile Wars: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lAXn5ZwopPc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o64M5_J1JHs Geoncon08: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=srArBLLHYBQ

another thing to note is that you may have and optional rule of saying

Hey you can't have more then so many of one type of jawa  so more different pieces of the jawas are used.Smile

Every move in this game is a mistake, the hope is that your opponent makes a bigger mistake when he makes his move.
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