Master and Apprentice

I posted this over at gamers a few weeks or so ago and I thought maybe posting it here also would help make and interesting discussion.  If it goes over well  i have a couple other game formats that might make SWminis more fun.  I would also like anyone who has tried this game style to post what they thought, if you would please.


I was told I should post my game.
It has been around awhile about 3 years or cotf time

Master and Apprentice
by gurneywars's old lgs
Tweaks in the last year or so I have done and below is what has been working quite well. :D

In this format
A: You get 2 pieces
B:You use hit point total for this game cannot be more then 240 hit points for both pieces added up.(But you can have much less for the hit point total)
C:You have to have one of the pieces with a higher hit point then the other.
D:Faction rules are ignored
E:The pieces must both be force users and melee or no damage pieces without melee.
F:The master is the higher hit point piece and gain force spirit 8
G:Winner of initiative gets to determine order and first person who moves or phase one only moves one piece and everyone else moves both and then the first person moves his last piece and repeat.
H: no gambit last man standing wins.

In head to head GMLS is banned, but in multi-player he is not.

If on arena maps
Geonosis you must play in the arena and the doors and balconies are considered walls. Set up will be opposite sides in middle one space from doors for 2. Add another spot for each new player until your above 4 then set up area is at each pillar sticking up out of the ground. Roll for who gets to choose first. If 9 players the unlucky one sets up in the middle.

Ratatak arena basically same. Roll for set up order.

Other maps players can choose what room or area on map he wants determined by rolls to see who picks first to last.

This has been going over very well on Vassal. Arenas have been the main usage and multi player almost every time.

Edit: You can also play this format on tiles <img src=" title="Laughing" /> forgot to add that.

My added extra:  Why hit points and not character costs?  It comes down to this over time the sets have started to become aggressively lower in cost for more.  Hit points seems to be holding its own as more balanced.  Doesn't mean to say it is,but seems to be.  Why no faction rules?  Its just way more fun.  If the Gaw Breaks the balance I will lower the total hit points allowed.Wink

Every move in this game is a mistake, the hope is that your opponent makes a bigger mistake when he makes his move.

looks intresting format seems woul go down well if you have 3 or 4 people playing

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And what about GOWK???

I hear Voices in my head They council me They understand They talk to me...

Well there is enough direct damage pieces and overwhelming force available.

I forgot to add it but we have been considering using Jedi Hunter ability as being unaffected by any of the styles.  Which means if you have jedi Hunter any character with a style cannot use it against them.Smile

The above 2 has been keeping that piece in check.   Let me know how you feel that works when you play it.  If it is still a major problem just have an agreement in your group not  to use it.

Another thing that has been thrown around is that the ability SSM takes a fp to use.

Thanks for the feedback on that question.

Keep them coming.

Every move in this game is a mistake, the hope is that your opponent makes a bigger mistake when he makes his move.

Cool...but with the up-coming model of Kenobi coming out, have you thought of just taking away master of the force 2? That would make him more cost appropriate and comparable to the new model...a thought anyway...

Interesting idea...

Basically  this format is for fun and shared so more people can have fun.Smile  If your gaming group needs to change something to make it better for when your group uses it feel free to do that.

Please let me know by posting how this game format goes over in your gameing group and let me know what you did different that your group really liked.

Every move in this game is a mistake, the hope is that your opponent makes a bigger mistake when he makes his move.
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