[Campaign Advice Needed] Cormyrean adventures

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I will begin a new campaign this sunday and would like to take some advice from the you people.

I want to begin the campaign with all characters coming from the Cormyrean Wizardry Academy, in such a way they have a background together. So I thought on asking all players being arcane power source.

What do you think about that? I know this is too prohibitive, so I would like to hear suggestion on making this a litle more open but keeping the magical education background at most.

The first levels of the campaign will be set by 5 adventures in which the characters will bhunt down 5 yound chromatic dragons for their old school as a rite of passage. Is it too lame? I didn't thought too much about it.  I would like to hear some thoughts about way to turn the dragon hunt interesting.

Suggestions about a path to follow after the dragon hunt ends?