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The last mailing in June I got my Plastic DCI card. It has sat in my wallet and pulled out a total of 7 times since then. I pulled it out the other day for an event and noticed on the back that all the ink is flaking off.

Is it possible to get another one?


PS: . My guess is that they are using a UV printing process, and a non porous substrate. I do not know who wizards contracts out for this, but I know I'm not the only one. perhaps wizards could have them laminated, and then we wouldn't have to worry.

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I'm having the same problem with my card, I can still read it but the first few numbers are half flaked off.

next time you go in to pull it out ask for a new one, its free and you will recieve one, or memorize the number drrr

just get the card one laminated.. apparently the plastic cards just dont work for anyone.
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My friend just threw his into a clear penny sleeve, worked for him.
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