What would a cool encounter power for a homebrewed songblade be?

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Hey all,

I play in a party of three, and my DM has given our party a series of really creative buffs in order to make us perform as well as a larger group. For example, our feycharger just gained the services of a nightmare - meaning that she now has an at-will teleport (or, if she chooses not to ride it, a pair of hooves to swing at people) - she also got her first pick of weapon (the Shadowfell blade). Our ranger just obtained an artifact bow with an AT-WILL, minor action power allowing him to use an at-will attack power once per round (thus almost doubling his damage output). My bard/paladin has recruited a gnome rogue (using the companion rules), and has also been given an artifact songblade. This is where I'd like your advice.

The weapon is supposed to be crafted from the Fey Song - a maelstrom of pure music that exists in the Feywild. This music was used in the initial act of creation.

So far, these are the statistics for the weapon:

Feysong blade, longsword, +4.

Critical: 4d6.

Property: Bards can use this blade as an implement for bard powers and bard paragon path powers.

Encounter: ???

Daily: (not sure of range or action required), use this power on a dying ally to allow them to regain hit points equal to their bloodied value.

The DM has told me that he wasn't sure what the encounter power should be, so he's leaving it up to me. It needs to align well with the weapon's flavor, and can't be too overpowered (that said, it's allowed to be powerful - this is an artifact).

My character is a Blessed Psalmist (and intends to take the Fatesinger ED). I use divine challenge and heavy armor to act as a quasi-paladin, make quite a few radiant attacks (through picking radiant powers and the paladin utility power bless weapon), and also do the whole leaderly thing - buffing allies' attacks, defenses, and healing them.

Just about anything interesting that buffs these areas would be fantastic.

Any ideas? :D