9/25/2009 TWTW: "Exploring Zendikar"

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This thread is for discussion of this week's The Week That Was, which goes live Friday morning on magicthegathering.com.

Nice decks. I really can't predict the new Standard, so I don't know whether those are competitive or not. Yet I saw that you included not one, but two playsets of Lotus Cobras and and more than one playset of fetchies as well as some other high qualtity cards as Ob Nixilis, Garruk, Jace,etc...

I don't have the exact words in my mind, but when mythics were introduced, someone wrote that cards at that rarity would not be utility cards, but powerful, flashy spells and creatures that rarely played a role in competetive play.

And while LC is a wonderful fresh new card, it is probably the first Mythic that fully counts as a functional card. I can live with a huge game finishing Angel at Mythic or certain Planeswalkers which have found their way into basicly every deck playing green, but a mana accelarator at mythic is a violation of what you said when you introduced this rarity. I mean Llanowar Elves at Mythic? That's gross isn't it?

The result of this is a pretty high price for the decks you presented. Even when when buying the cards cheap in the net the LCs are around 22€ each. Then there are Fetchies which are around 12€ each, but you already run more than a playset. The Plainswalker Duett Playset of J&G are only 60€, that's already cheap for 8 mythics. All in all, none of those decks can be bought below 200€ and I don't think that the price for this card will go down once Zendikar hits the stores.

I really don't get why this Snake has to be at Mythic. On the one hand you want more competetive players, on the other you print essential cards for competetive at mythic. Don't you think this is a little ambivalent. At least THIS two drop is already a Lotus.

Offtopic: This new board looks awesome, but why do i have to tell you more details about me than facebook or google ever wants? why need a photo? Need a profile when i can just turn it off? it took over 10 minutes just to register.

Is it too much to ask that in a preview week article, you guys put up conveniently adjacent images of the cards from the unreleased set that you are babbling on about?  Or that when you do deign to show us the cards, you don't cover up their text with other cards, somehow assuming that we automatically know what all the new cards do?

Gahhh!! You just had to use the cobra, didn't you???

I had just about exorcised my mythic fury on the whole subject, and then you took my favourite BUDGET deck - warp world... a deck which i have played in just about every iteration of standard since Ravnica (i think there might have been a season where it wasn't in standard)... a deck which despite its budgetness I have always managed to take a few games off the $$$$ decks... a deck which I cited as an example of why Lotus Cobra will go into SO many decks as a mana source that those saying it isn't utility should have their tongues ripped out through their ears ... and then you posted it for all to see with that damn $120 cobra set laughing at me saying "all your mana base are belong to us". And you even referenced the cashgrab angel as a good reason to play the cobras???

Have you been around the forums much these last weeks?

C'mon dude. Not cool.

Let's see... my choices are decks with 4 x Lotus Cobra or decks with 4 x Nissa Revane? I know this isn't Building on a Budget, but are you guys out of your minds?


Boo. I used to scoff when I saw MTG called MT$. I'm sorry you guys decided to make it a reality.



I have made no secret of my love for Lotus Cobra and its ability to do "stupid things" with your mana. Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of a turn-three Identity Crisis or even the much-trickier-to-pull-off Violent Ultimatum, but I am perfectly happy to play turn-three Siege-Gang Commanders and Baneslayer Angels with little to help me in this endeavor but a fetch land...

Exactly the point. With this $30+ mana source (which we'd ALL love to have four of) you get a significant tempo advantage over your opponents enablling you to play big spells on turn 3 with the aid of the $20 lands.

And what is top of the list of what to play with that ridiculous tempo advantage? Why, the $30 creature of course.

Boo. I used to scoff when I saw MTG called MT$. I'm sorry you guys decided to make it a reality.

Me too. Yay mythics.

I don't have the exact words in my mind, but when mythics were introduced, someone wrote that cards at that rarity would not be utility cards, but powerful, flashy spells and creatures that rarely played a role in competetive play.

specifically, mark rosewater said this:

This now leads us to the next question: How are cards split between rare and mythic rare? Or more to the point, what kind of cards are going to become mythic rares? We want the flavor of mythic rare to be something that feels very special and unique. Generally speaking we expect that to mean cards like Planeswalkers, most legends, and epic-feeling creatures and spells. They will not just be a list of each set's most powerful tournament-level cards.

We've also decided that there are certain things we specifically do not want to be mythic rares. The largest category is utility cards, what I'll define as cards that fill a universal function. Some examples of this category would be cycles of dual lands and cards like Mutavault or Char.

Did anyone else click the River Boa link in the section on the 2 millionth tournament? I did and got a pleasant surprise...

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Did anyone else click the River Boa link in the section on the 2 millionth tournament? I did and got a pleasant surprise...

!!! Good catch! Good to see the Boa back. I wonder if he'll be as successful this time around...?


Also, Columbus?! Really? The year I don't have money is of COURSE the year that everyone goes to my 'hood...

Just came from a Prerelease and it was pretty fun. Opened crap for red, bombs for white, Nissa Revane and some solid blue+green cards. Went Bant and came out 3-2. Not too bad for my 1st sealed experience ever (no, no one opened any power9)

High performers: Vines of Vastwood (anti-removal/bounce, also works as a 'counter target aura spell' and can be removal too. Superb use of kicker). Bold Defense (kicked Conqueror's Pledge, kicked Bold Defense for 36 damage? Ouch!). Nissa Revane was a nice surprise. The format is a lot slower than Lorwyn or even Alara block and a lot less flashy, so steady performers like Nissa really pull their weight. With just one Chosen she was a house. Will strongly consider getting a playset of her. Marin Sarkov was just awesome. He got shoved in my face in my last game and when I saw that he went to 6 (!) loyalty while blasting my 2/2 landfall flier, I knew I had no chance. Nissa makes it easier to win, but Marin just wins all by his lonesome. All in all, was a bit disappointed by Red, underwhelmed by Landfall, overwhelmed by the planeswalkers and quite averagely whelmed by Allies. Uncommon Allies seem to be quite effective in what they do.

[rant]I watched two Lotus Cobras in play and they were definitely the underperformer of the day. Probably will see tournament use, but Wizards really dropped the ball with this. They had the guy who usually introduces tournament staples present him, it makes Mark Rosewater look like a slimeball for originally hyping Myffic Rares as flashy, high-power and 'definitely not utility' and worst of all, it's disguised. No, having 'lotus' in your name does not make you super. And now we have two utility Myffics just because Wizards needed to fill out the rare list. How lovely. And the worst part is the community has been bubbling about Warren Instigator and Lotus Cobra and no one at Wizards seems to give a hoot. "You still buy our stuff, right?" just doesn't cut it. We want a frickin' explanation! Is that too much to ask?[/rant]

[rant2]The forum interns should really, REALLY fix card links and remove the need to enter the forums three times to post anything. It's getting annoying.[/rant2]

My prerelease went well.  I went 4-1, losing my last round to a black/white aggressive deck packing Felidar Sovereign among other things.

The sealed pool was good across all five colors.  I was able to form two decent decks.  The first deck I built was a black/red somewhat aggressive deck, the other was a blue/white/green with allies and Luminarch Ascension.

The most memorable parts of the prerelease were winning one match by pulling Luminarch Ascension early both games.  Switching decks between the first and second games of my fourth round allowing me to win.  Losing one of my Paralyzing Grasps after my first match.  Facing my two decks against each other and pulling out Obsidian Fireheart (the B/R deck might have won but I ran out of time).  Also, using a Mind Sludge with a fully active Bloodchief Ascension out.


Played in the pre-released on Saturday. this was the largest local event i have attended. there were 72 registered participants in the event. I managed to come in 21st, making the first time that i have ever managed to actually win any product at a magic event (1 pack for 17th-32nd place in the tourney) Laughing

going into the weekend i was REALLY excited about a lot of the green cards that had been previewed and also about the landfall mechanic. however much to my dismay...i only pulled 3 total cards with landfall, and none of the green cards that i was excited about. so i ended up drafting a blue-white. i managed to pull some really good blue's. and my most splashtacular moment happened in round 4. i was at 14 life, my opponent at 39.

i played a Roil Elemental, dropped a land and took my opponents Greenweaver Druid.

next turn played Rite of Replication, thanks to the extra mana from the Druid, i was able to kick it as well. targeting my Roil - gave me 6 Roil Elementals on the field.

next turn, played a Living Tsunami. dropped a land and took control of every creature my opponent had on the table. 2 turns later the match was over.

it was a good day.

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