Satyr Piper Sustain Music Effect

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Satyr Pipers have a music power called Dazing Melody (standard, at-will) that is an area burst 5 attack that dazes until the end of the piper's next turn.

What confuses me is that the power goes on to say that the effect can be sustained with a standard action, but the piper must re-roll his attack.

How would that be different from just using the power again?  Would sustaining it: 1) allow him to keep enemies dazed if they went out of range, 2) prokove opportunity attacks, or 3) affect new targets in the area?



I've noticed the same thing. And actually, since when monsters sustain effects, they only last until the start of his next turn, he would be much better off just re-using the power.


When you have a game as big and complex as this, I figure a few "um--what?" moments crop up by accident from time to time. This must have been one of those times :P

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