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Running a 3.5 Homebrew game.  Loose style, some action, some RP.  Based out of Waltham MA.  Looking for 6-8 players. 2 spots filled.

Penalties for players that die regularly. Start at 1st level and rapidly advance.

Any interest?

Here's the right place for this: RPG Gamer Classifieds
You can find it under the WIZARDS.COMmunity fourm.

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You might also try searching groups for Massachusetts - there are a couple out there who might be useful to find people to play. For instance Lair of the Green Monster.

Also - if you have a FLGS - and they have a group online - you might find benefit in posting to their group. For instance, TJ Collectibles, based out of Milford, MA.

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I know you posted this originally over a month ago, but I just saw it and thought I would inquire as to whether you are fillled up with players. I attend Brandeis University, so a game in Waltham wouldn't be an issue. There is also the possiblity that you go to Brandeis as well which would make this even easier.

So if you are still looking for players, I would be interested.