Darkness Approaches: Quotent Quotables [Diraden]

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I have a thing for flavor text that is a quote. I haven't created any of these characters as cards in Diraden, but I may add them later or put them in following sets.

First up, Barad of the Shining Hand. The Hand protects the last bastion of the Light, the city of Fyor.

Radiant Defense W
Instant (U)

Kicker 2 (You may pay an additional 2 as you play this spell.)
Prevent all combat damage that would be dealt by target attacking creature this turn. If the kicker cost was paid, exile it instead.

“Velrav may be able to quash the light in the sky, but he cannot take away the light in our hearts.”
-Barad of the Shining Hand


Mindlash Ghoul 3B
Creature - Horror (U)

Whenever a player pays four or more mana for a spell, that player discards a card.

“Such horrors have never been seen on Diraden. What dark allies has Velrav summoned?”
-Barad of the Shining Hand


Volxar can be seen as Barad's opposite. He left the Hand and succumbed to the intoxicating power of blood magic. He is now one of Prince Velrav's highest-ranking minions.

Dispirit B
Sorcery (C)

Target creature gets -1/-2 until end of turn.

“You have two options. Flee, and your life will be spent lost in the Darklands, or face me and I will end it now.”
-Volxar of the Dark Hand


Kenia is Fyor's most valuable watchmaster. If not for her keen eyes and unwavering courgae, Fyor would have fallen long ago.

Alertness W
Instant (C)

Untap target creature. It gains first strike until end of turn.

“If you can detect an attack coming, you hardly have to defend against it.”
-Kenia, Fyorn Watchmaster


Starving Initiate B
Creature - Vampire Warrior (C)

As long as you have less life than each other player, Starved Initiate gets +1/+1 and has deathtouch.

“We managed to capture one, once. We thought the lack of blood would make it weaker, but starving it only drove it into a frenzy.”
-Kenia, Fyorn Watchmaster


Next up we have two of the Glacorian. Ithaar is the eldest of the astromancers, and most look to him for advice and answers to problems in their life. Most, except Jaina. Jaina is an astromancer prodigy, having an innate connection with the Celestials above even at a relatively young age. She does not agree with Ithaar's acceptance of Velrav's Nightfall.

Celestial Incarnation 3UUU
Creature - Avatar (R)

Whenever Celestial Incarnation deals combat damage to a player, you may pay X. If you do, return target instant or sorcery card with converted mana cost X or less from your graveyard to your hand.

“The stars do not approve of Velrav’s plans, so how can we?”
-Jaina, Astromancer Adept


Lunar Xenith 2UUU
Enchantment (R)

Spells you play with converted mana cost 3 or more have Tagchain 1 (When you play this spell, you may reveal an instant or sorcery card in your hand with converted mana cost 1 or less and play a copy without paying its mana cost.)

“Velrav is bringing unending night upon us. We must prove worthy to accept this gift.”
-Ithaar, Astromancer Sage

Grazsic is the Spark (Leader) of one of the largest flaregangs on Diraden. As beings of heat and light, they naturally oppose Velrav's plan for unending night, and dire consequences would befall their race if he were to succeed.

Flamestrike Adept R
Creature - Elemental Shaman (C)

R, T: Flamestrike Adept deals 1 damage to target creature or player.

“The humans of Fyor may share our passion for the light, but they do not embrace its power as we do.”
-Grazsic, Lightflame Shaman


Barkshield G

Regenerate target permanent.

“Somehow, the Rylari treefolk ignore the fact that wood is supposed to burn.”
-Grazsic, Lightflame Shaman


Finally, we have Fareth, Grand Lorebranch of the Rylari. Rumors say he was the first Treefolk on Diraden, and nothing older can dispute that claim. Travellers to Diraden are wise to heed anything he has to say.

Rustspore Cloud 2G

Tagchain 1 (When you play Rustspore Cloud, you may reveal an instant or sorcery card in your hand with converted mana cost 1 or less and play a copy of it without paying its mana cost.)
Destroy target artifact or enchantment.

“If something does not grow, it decays. This is true of all things, not just life.
-Fareth, Rylari Lorebranch


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