9/22/2009 SF: "Are You the Beastmaster?"

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This thread is for discussion of this week's Serious Fun, which goes live Tuesday morning on magicthegathering.com.

Or you could just figure out who has the Naturalizes and kick them in the teeth so hard that their mothers feel it!!!

Fixed; we are BEASTmasters after all!!

Arguably the weakest of the cards we've seen so far, but also the easiest to activate in the sense that a) it doesn't depend on your opponents doing/not doing anything, and doesn't require any specific cards to combo with.

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Seriously? I was actually freaking out a little. I confess I don't play much serious constructed so I don't know how often people get to attack, but I'd think a decent weenie deck would be able to able to activate this within two turns and swing for ridiculous. I guess that it ends up being not that great a strategy because you could be playing a threat on the turn you play this and then playing Overrun like a normal person, which is a lot more reliable.

Still, this is at the very least going to make a lot of Timmies very happy.

This card is pretty much hilarious, if you can get 7 swings in, you should be set to win anyway, you're either producing tokens at a fast enough rate to just overwhelm them, or you can probably kill them with reach.

It's just shy of overkill, there's plenty of situations were 7 swings won't win you the game, but most of those are in decks that won't be able to abuse this card anyway.

Not necessarily, because the swings don't have be connecting. You can fairly easily get 4 tokens, swing into a big blocker, then swing again next turn and only have 2 guys left over and only 7 damage total. If you weren't playing this card, that may not have been a good play (still might not be great since it can be disenchanted at a moment's notice), but it's not a stretch to see a deck/situation where the card would be useful without being bonkers.

Um, not to be uppity, but doesn't the Ascension trigger for each creature that attacks?  Looks to me like this is turning on is 2 turns naturally, 3 tops.

I like it, in a token deck you can toss 2 or 3 tokens into attacking for no real reason, then build up an army and attack for the win in the next turn. Heck you could get 7 tokens and attack the same turn you played this. Unless your opponent doesn't mind blocking more than 3 of them (standing a good chance on losing creatures to tokens), that's probably the game. The bad news is that this doesn't give creatures trample, the good news is that once it's down and activated, it stays in play like a huge Glorious Anthem (until it's Disenchanted).

This card is far from being insane card advantage, but it does have a very fair and fun vibe to it. 


6 replies but 0 views? You guys are amazing. How did you do that?

I don't see it winning tournaments, but looks like fun for the kitchen table. As the article said, you only need 7-n counters on it to set it off when you attack (where n is the number of creatures you have available to attack with on that turn).

Ornithopter deck?

Fires of Yavimaya might not be playable today. This card is, under most situations, worse than Fires.

If it pumped just +2, but costed 2 and only needed 4 attackers, it might see play. As it is, it'll only be useful in slow formats.

Looks pretty good to me especially in my jund Cascade/Blightning deck this will play well.


I fell in love with Beatsmaster's Ascension at the first sight. I highly doubt it will see any serious tournament play, as it's just too easy to keep it in check with a decent control deck and make it an effectively dead card, but it's just too good for a casual multiplayer token deck. This card is the motivation I needed to dust off my Leyline of the Meek, Promise of Bunrei, and Hour of Reckoning ! And since Spectral Procession and Windbrisk Heights are rotating out of Standard, I'll surely be able to get them on the cheap. I just can't wait !

There are other options, of course. Clockspinning. Gilder Bairn. Doubling Season. But ... well, I'm more used to using cards like that to boost things that are awesome anyway, or avoid doing things I don't want to do. Saproling Burst, Helix Pinnacle, Dragon Broodmother, even Luminarch Ascension-they're well worth doubling up on. But when a card like Beastmaster Ascension is asking me to do something easy that I already want to do, why try to cheat it? That would be like sneaking candy into the chocolate factory.

While Kelly is right that cheating on the number of quest counters with Doubling Season is somewhat gravy, it may be well worth it if it does double duty in a token deck. For me, a real Doubling Season deck must involve both tokens and counters !

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Interesting little card, my first impression was that it was a "win more" card. After all, if you've had enough creatures to have seven attackers (whether 1 creature seven times or any other variant) then to give them all +5/+5 was just gravy.

However, on further thought this creates some interesting dynamics. If you're accumulating small tokens, you'd often hold back util you can alpha strike/overrun, etc., but with this you'd be tempted to send smaller creatures into a no win battle just to further the quest quicker. So creating a balance between keeping small creatures alive to take advantage of the +5/+5, or advancing the quest by "sacrificing" them) with the risk that the quest could be completed with loss of lots of creatures, but then "disenchanted".

The above choices may lead to a new term, "chump attacking"

For me, the above card suggests Naya(?) shard, chump attack a few and then drop a Where Ancients Tread and a play set of Ornithopter's does 20 damage for zero mana. Or go for an off-beat power 5 matters deck - with no base power 5 creatures (all low cost/disposale to trigger the quest) And toss in a Mayael's Aria which would let them keep some bonus if the quest were destroyed.

As I said interesting, and quite flavourful, if you can complete the quest without losing too many resources, you'll be fine, but over commit and fail the quest...

It's not a great card, but it's not terrible.  it will be good for casual playgroups and weenie/token decks, but it's not going to see any tournament play.  Using your three-drop slots for this would be a waste in competitive play.  It's the type of card that encourages a build-around deck, but it's not reslient or explosive enough to have your strategy evolve around.  As someone mentioned earlier, if it only gave them +2/+2 but trample, and costed 1G, required 4 counters to complete, it would be a different story ;)

Nice to see taht they didn't crank out an uncomfortably powerful card again this preivew though ;p

It was starting to get interesting... the white card is uber nuts (if it resolves against control, it will be like playing a ramped Decree of Justice each turn) and the red card does something that isn't direct damage (even if most of the time, the copied cards will be burn spells). Then it came the green card of the cycle and it is typical: casual, win- more card that represent zero card advantage against control.

I hate when green is shafted in the name of Timmies. At least we receive that new spell that represents what Giant growth should have been from the beginning.

If Limited gets in the way of printing good Constructed cards... Screw limited

Beastmanter Ascension is slow. You are just going to have to deal with it. However token decks would love this card, especially in multiplayer. Orochi Hatchery and Energy Chamber(s) and Beastmaster Ascension with acceleration. 6/6 snakes +2X *5 where x is turns passed since energy chamber created its first charge counter. Perish to SNAKES!!!

Hm, what about this? - Yeah I know this is ideal, but the Johnny in me loves it.

Turn one - Forest + Birds of Paradise + Ornithopter

Turn two - Dryad Arbor + Reconnaissance

Turn three -  Forest + Beastmaster Ascension.  Attack with BoP and Ornithopter, untap and call back with Reconnaisance (two counters on Bmaster) Tap Bop play Bushi Tenderfoot.

Turn Four - Attack with BoP, Ornithopter, Dryad Arbor and Bushi Tenderfoot (call back what you need with Reconnaisance) 6 counters on Bmaster.  End of their turn convoke out Scatter the Seeds.

Turn Five - Attack with a 5/6 flyer, a 5/7 flyer, a 6/6 land, 3 6/6 tokens, and a 6/6 creature that becomes an 8/9 double-striker if it kills something.

Ideal?  Yes, but tell me you don't want to attack with 40 power on turn five - and the best part is, even if they DO somehow manage to stop your attackers you can just recon them back if they're in trouble.