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Punishing Fire 1R
Instant (U)

Punishing Fire deals 2 damage to target creature or player.

Whenever an opponent gains life, you may pay R. If you do, return Punishing Fire from your graveyard to your hand.


Source: Russian MtG site

If it's legit, I like it. They're printing more and more decent life gain cards nowadays too. this would be amazing if they printed a full set of the life gain duels they revealed in futuresight.

That's a sweet sideboard card in constructed and a decent removal spell in limited.  I approve!

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This would've been outstanding for Kavu Justice.

Good card, how useful it will be? only time will tell.

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Awesome!!! Possibly great in an Extended R/x/y control deck with Grove of the Burnwillows as someone has reminded me in the thread.

Sweet design.

Love it Love it Love it.

Can't wait to abuse this with Grove of the Burnwillows.


Ka, like a wind . . .

Oh, yes.

"Why is he using Grove of the Burnwillows in a mono-red deck?"

"Why is he using Grove of the Burnwillows in a mono-red deck?"

Who said it was monored?


I dig it. It's pretty amazing in Multiplayer, I say.

I love recursion, and the way it's implemented is very cool here. I approve.

Glad to see I'm liking more cards as we see more of the set.


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Along with Needlebite Trap, they are making the uncommon dual lands pretty useless now.

I think these cards are a leftover relic from when they originally planned to print a Grove of Burnwillows cycle in this set (which got changed to enemy fetchlands).

Kavu Justice in extended with Needletrap and this? Possibly, is it able to stand up to Zoo for that no. 1 aggro spot?

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wow !!!

too good makes the vampire deck look bad..

the dual lands are worthless now...

soul warden burns...

lightning bolt has met it's match.

wow !!!

too good makes the vampire deck look bad..

the dual lands are worthless now...

soul warden burns...

lightning bolt has met it's match.

the conditionality (a word?) of this card makes it more of a sideboard. This is not better than lightning bolt.

EDIT: nvm you said it was it's match. it's still not a match. this is 2 mana.

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This is great, more pitch fodder for Rotting Rats in my red black deck :P


Seriously though, this card is great for sideboard, but can't see it going main deck. 

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I like the fact that you can play it in response to a lifegain trigger, then return it to your hand and play it again that turn.

"We wlll kill them all."

I love this card. I wish I had this in the last metagame when I was playing r/g. I think this could be good in extended burn.

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Am I missing something?

Sure, in a Kavu Justice deck, this could see play, I guess.... maybe...

Other than that, it just makes the opponent gain 2 less life every time they would gain life... at 3 mana per activation. Isn't Everlasting Torment just sooo much better against decks that like to gain life? When will they ever gain less than two life when gaining life?

Then again, I suppose it is a bit more versatile - against a Kitchen Finks for an example, you can kill it completely (without avoiding the opponent gaining life) for the low cost of 6 mana. Or you can let him have a 2/1 for three that gained him 2 life... for the low cost of 6 mana.

Of course, it could kill a Loxodon Hierarch if you played it targetting the Hierarch, then let the lifegain trigger resolve, then got it back and played it targetting the Hierarch... for the low cost of 5 mana. And a card.

Of course, it can kill a utility creature, then possibly come back and do the same again and again if the opponent gains life... Not really abusable except in a controlish deck. And even then, I like something like Skred better - and Skred doesn't really like Grove of the Burnwillows all that much.


If I'm missing something, please, do tell. I'd really like to share your enthusiasm.

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This is awesome... It just screams "ABUSE ME!"

Where is Grove of Burnwillows when we need it?

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