September 2009 Web Comic: Journey to the Eye

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This thread is for discussion of the September 2009 Web Comic, "Journey to the Eye".

This thread is for discussion of the September 2009 Web Comic, "Journey to the Eye".

Oh good, there is a thread...   The comic page needs a link here.

The comic was cute; too cute, unfortunately.

Also, it's "rappelled", not "repelled".

I was highly amused by this comic. "This guy is the best! ...I never thoguht he was that good, anyway." Does set up this place as being incredibly dangerous, though.

This was, BY FAR, the best comic ever done on this website.

Kudos, all around.

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Comic was hilarious.  Only complaint was the one panel with the stone puma thing where (I assume) the guide dies off screen somewhow.  That confused the hell out of me, and I kept flipping back to that page trying to figure out what I had missed in the art.  Nothing, apparently. 

 Some blood splatter, a flying limb, a scream, or a more emotive reaction shot, perhaps?  Compare this to one of the panels earlier, where a decapitated head is subtlely in the background but at the same time very clear as to what happened.

While I've like the ones in the past, I think it's set Zen up as a little to cartoonish in it's "it's dangerious" flavor, especally killing the goblin, I didn't feel bad for him, or amused at his death, just oh look, he died too.

Then again this is magic where creatures die left and right so I guess it's in flavor.

The comic was very much an improvement over previous one. The goblin under the rock almost made me LOL (I was reading at work).

Not bad at all.

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So... part 2 is up. I assume that Nicol Bolos somehow... broke his brain in the Alara novel?

The eye of Ugin? as in Ghostfire? Interesting..

I hope so.  I love me some Ghostfire and I eagerly await Sarkhan Vol blasting some foolish Pro-Red Knight who thinks he can withstand some FIRE!

This comic was so confusing. I had no idea what was going on, or who was talking to whom, or what they were talking about.

You and Sarkhan bolth

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