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A Star Wars Minis group for New Jersey and surrounding areas.  Stop in and say "hi"!


The Galaxy is at War! Coinciding with season two of the Clone Wars cartoon series (Fridays on Cartoon Network), is the excellent Galaxy at War set. With some of the most powerful clones and droids, as well as their commanders, this set promises to add some amazing firepower to your Republic and Confederate armies.

This release will also feature one of the best prizes we've ever given out at a Star Wars Miniatures event: a hardcover copy of "Luke Skywalker: Last Hope for the Galaxy" courtesy of our friends at Dark Horse Comics (a $100 value)! We will also be giving away packs of Galaxy at War, Jedi Academy, and Knights of the Old Republic as attendance (and supplies) allow.


Come join us for the biggest Star Wars Miniatures event in South Jersey! And may the Force (and the Dice) be with you!


I'm trying to find someone interested in judging the New Jersey Gen-Con Regionals on June 6th.  If you're interested please drop me an IM or Email.