Shards of Alara based chars

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I am tring to build chars that best represent the 5 shards of Alara (bant, esper, grixis, jund, and naya) from the magic the gathering game. I though it would be easy,I was wrong! Sadly I am having trouble figuring out what class works best for each shard.

here is what I came up with so far..


race:Human or Deva

Power source: divine or martial or arcane(bard or swordmage)



Power source:arcane or martial or divine(cleric or invoker)


race: Tiefling

power source: any as long as it fits the shard theame

Class: warlock open to sugestions


race: dragonborn or half-orc

power source: primal,martial,or arcane(scorcerer)


race: longtooth shifter

Power source: any as long as it fits the shards theame

Thanks in advance

P.s. I am hoping to have at lest one each of the roles.