9/15/2009 LI: "More than Fixing"

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This thread is for discussion of this week's Limited Information, which goes live Tuesday morning on magicthegathering.com.

I think Steve basically hit it at the end.  This card is less about fixing, and more about thinning + Landfall tricks.

It also occurs to me that with the desire for a lot of land, plus land acceleration like this, Zendikar could really be open to big-mana spells.    We'll probably be building to hit our first 5 land drops or  more.  That means slower, flatter mana curves may be perfectly reasonable.

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This card reminds me of Rampart Growth, but unlike Growth, which trades card for card, this net you an extra land. I love this card. While it's not going to win any games on its own, it meshes very well with all the sacrificing lands running around (fetch lands at rare, Terramorphic Expanse and Panoramas at common).

Assuming that all the land drops are hit, this should activate on turn 5. But it's not unreasonable to expect that it goes off on turn 4 instead. I'm interested to see if there's an aggressive card with a land fall effect at 3 mana. You could play this on turn 2, play it on turn 3, and then fire everything off at once on turn 4. That'd put you with 3 landfall effects on that turn (5 if you cast Harrow) and you'd be ramped up to 5 or 6 mana for the next turn!


It seems rather slow and really good/decent only if you plan on using Landfall. If it costed one mana only, then it could be much more palatable.

But let's not forget Armillary Sphere if we want to be sure Landfall triggers turn after turn! (by the way how do you link to gatherer with these new forums?).

Nice art, however, anything with a Lotus is nice Laughing


It's an obvious choice for a green "quest", but still good. In fact this is the kind of card I wish was slightly less good: I wish it only searched out forests.

Now if we can just see what they came up with for green Traps...

Now if we can just see what they came up with for green Traps...

My guess is a creature pump spell that activates when a creature is blocked or is blocking.

I really like this card.  I have always been a fan of cards that are only decent in limited when you are in a certain archtype, as it helps build better and more streamlined decks.  Seams to me that most decks will have some level of landfall, so probably most green decks can take advantage of this card.  But that all depends on how many good common/uncommon cards have landfall, which we will find once the whole set is spoiled.

I really hope they put in a solid 1 drop landfall. Maybe a green mythic that gets a +1/1 counter everytime landfall. With that,  we could see

turn 1: landfall guy

turn 2: Khalni, land. landfall guy: +1/1, for 2/2

turn 3: land, harrow, trigger khalni. landfall guy: +5/5, for 7/7

turn 4: 7 land ready to go with a 7/7 on the board

I can see this being played T2 with a Llanowar Elves, Birds of Paradise, or Noble Heirarch and then getting a quest counter on T2. I feel that a deck can pop this relatively fast, and this card may be a key ramping card for any ramp deck because it doesn't require much mana investment other than 1G, and its instant speed so any landfall triggers you want to activate on their turn can be. All in all solid card that I really like.

I think it's a shame a card with so many flavour home runs ends up being so awkward, but I'll bite.  Even after having it in hand and dropping it on turn 2, and burning half of turn 3 to cheat 2 counters with terramorphic expanse, you're still a little worse off than Explosive Vegetation.... Unless you did both.  That means we need a 1, or 2-mana landfall card ( or 3 mana at the slowest).


turn 1: land (forest), ?

turn 2: land (mountain), Plated Geopede

turn 3: Khalni Heart Expedition,  Terramorphic Expanse->sac->land (any), attack with Geopede (5/5)

turn 4: land, Explosive Vegetation, attack with Geopede (11/11)

turn 5: you should have 3-4 cards in hand, 8 mana available, and a hopefully pretty devastated opponent, which is pretty ideal

I was looking through the Planeschase elemental deck... it's got Explosive Vegitation and Fertilid for 2 land drop on one turn. Silverglade Elemental has a "comes into play" land drop. The best I've used was the Grull Turf (there's a cycle)/Teramorphic Expanse combo... keep brining the Expanse back and when you're done dropping Turfs get an extra land... not so great for mana, but it keeps your hand full for several turns so you can drop lands at will. Last nite I played I put a single Expanse into play 4 times in a row and kept using it for "return to hand" effects... with Landfall you have a "guaranteed" two drop turn at will.

I like the art... like a baby Sunpetal!  (and yes it's the same artist... There are 6 models of magic designers and they have a plan....)

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