Help Me Star wars Board your my only hope :P Need help with background.

I am looking for info on imperial Noble houses and Female human Jedi that might have ties to these houses. This is for a legacy campaigne.

Sorry, none spring to mind for eitehr of those, other than of course the Fel dynasty and Marasiah Fel (although she's an Imperial Knight rather than a Jedi). You're probably best making one up yourself. Why not use the House of Tagge? Prominent noble family, long history, connected to the Empire. A daughter who rejects her heritage to become a Jedi sounds liek a really interesting character to me.

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Well I am going Imperial Knight. So thats fine. I was just thinking Jedi Ties in the past to have a line of force sensitives in the family

Your best bet is doing something original with the Tapani Sector Noble Houses, which have a strong tie to the Sith, so having a family line that has some latent force sensitivity wouldnt be very hard to believe.  Otherwise, the Ismaren family is an imperial noble family with force sensitivity, that originally came out of the Jedi, but I dont know that any of their family still exists by the legacy era.  Certainly you could add in some kind of distant relative that continued the name and whatever Imperial holdings they acquired.  But,



I think if you wait around a few more fate of the jedi novels, youll see some jedi we know go with jaina to the empire, we will see some familiar jedi names that you might then be able to work with.



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hope that was at least moderately helpful.

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