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I just wanted to say that I've at last finished the Ravnica novles by Cory J. Herndon and I just thought of doing a short review, give my oppinions about them and see what other people though.

SPOILER WARNING; the following review contains spoilers.

Overall, I enjoyed the Ravnica novles, but I was dissapointed in certin areas. Mostly in Dissension. I felt that the oversall story of the last book was a little cheesy and generic. Also, there were some parts I did not understand well after reading and then reading again.

Firstly, the plot with Grand Arbiter Augustin IV to overthrow the Guildpact didn't seem very realistic to me. I understand that the fuction of the Guildpact was to keep things in order and that the Dimir was to challege that order and that Agrus Kos messed it all up by arresting the Dimir guildmaster, but what I felt did not make sense was the fact that an intelligent man like the Grand Arbitor would seek to overthrow such a pact without any good backup plan. Not only that, but he anonces his intentions in the middle of a senet like some generic moustose-twirling villin from a James Bond movie. I could almost imagne him stroking a fluffy white cat.

This, to me, did not make any sence. Also what I felt was kinda of werid and out-of-charcter for Kos was the way he killed Momir Vig. I can understand that a person like Vig, who also had a bit of a generic world-domination plan would be killed, but the way it happned was just werid. Kos stabs him in the eye while in Svogthir's body (or should I say, Savra's body with Svogthir's soul in it.) Not only that, but before hand, Vig had told the whole room that he was in about his plans for world domination in the same way that Augustin was going to later on in the book. I also don't recall what he was going to do after that nor anything but "make a giant creature out of ectomana and stomp Vizu-gazi." Again, it seemed that the plot was not thought ahead. Then Kos stabbs Vig in the eye and kills him in, what I belive, to be random and sudden.

Then the whole thing with the Daemon Rakdos. That was pritty staightfolward but at the end, it's unknown if Rakdos was killed or even if it was implyed that he was killed. His body, weather alive or dead, is dumped back into the pitts but that's all. Also, how did Jared bring himself back to life, even with his level of Nercomancy and why was the ending with himself, Fonn and Myc so short and almost like somthing from Cassablanca.

Then the ending fight, (I use the term "fight" loosly) between Argustin and Szadek was not much other than a suffle before the Parlielon explodes. I know that Szadek is a very intelligent man, or ghoast in this case, and I fail to see why he would fight Argustin knowing fine well the whole places was about to go up. And even then, he was a ghoast. He must have survived that and there was no metion of him afterwards.

I understand I have brought up quite a few points, but this is just how I feel. I felt that Dissension was rushed and that the ending story was too weird. Overall I liked it, but I really felt that the ending of Dissension spolt it and that it was unfinnished. Anyway, anyone want to place their views?

Not to be rude, but i found your writing to be difficult to read. If english isn't your first language, then i am very impressed and you've done a fantastic job. If English is your first language, then i suggest more sentence structure and spellcheck.

Other than that, I too, am still Guildbound. More to the Orzhov than the Boros. However, Boros are my second favorite guild.

Here, I've made a special Planeswalker who marches through the Multiverse to help discover a new world in which to create the Boros once more.Ga'gura Antias

Boros Legion. Now and forever will the fires of justice purge through the blight and wicked.

I'm sorry about my spelling. At the time of writing it, I was rushing to put it up as I was doing other more important things and I didn't bother to spell cheack. Anyway, do you have any comment on my review?

And the cards which you have made are awesome. What did you use to make them?

I used Magic set Editor.

Heres a few new boros.

Wow, they are awesome. I love Holyflare Leige. ^_^

Yah sir :D. It's Pwn. BTW. look at Debts to ravnica :o. I'm writing it.

Yah sir :D. It's Pwn. BTW. look at Debts to ravnica :o. I'm writing it.

OK, cool. I will take a look.

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