9/10/2009 FtL: "Woke to Find it Was Agadeem"

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This thread is for discussion of this week's From the Lab, which goes live Wednesday morning on magicthegathering.com.

Wow, my room mate just builds a nasty zombie deck and Wizards starts making cards to make it EVEN MORE evil. 



Gee.  Thanks.

Hmmm...almost makes you wonder why they reprinted Cabal Coffers.

Great article, great analysis - and systematic enough to help us to Replicate your thinking. One problem with the second deck though - no Pthisis! (Killed a 17/17 Vulturous Zombie with one on Sunday, so it's fresh in my mind =D)

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crypt is so inferior to coffers, you make yourself funny when you claim it is even better becaue it taps for black mana as well.

Hmmm...almost makes you wonder why they reprinted Cabal Coffers.

Cabal Coffers was reprinted in Planechase. Unless I'm mistaken, Planechase isn't Standard-legal.

almost makes me wonder why he didnt even consider playing traumatize in your deck or playing someone with tramatize,   oh snap iv got 30 mana already and waiting,  deal X damage to apponent where X is played with all black mana.  HAHAHAHAH nicely played tramatize sucker.

could be traumatic.

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