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Alternity was actually the first pen-n-paper rpg i ever got into (back around '99). I GM'd and my brothers were my first players. It was a blast. Unfortunately we had a falling away and i put up my books. Now we play 4E a lot and have more rpg experience under our belts. We decided we wanted to change the scenery a bit and do some sci fi stuff again. We looked into other scifi rpg's but nothing was really wowing us. So finally we settled on Alternity again and wanted to get back into it.

Man i tell you, now that i have more experience GMing and playing, the game is making a lot more sense and has a lot more depth now than it ever did. So i got excited about the game so much i made a custom character sheet. More like a character booklet. Of which i will share with you all.













Assembly instructions are simple. Print page 1 and 3 off on sheets of paper (i used a 65 lb. cardstock to create a nice and sturdy booklet). Then turn them over and print page 2 on back of page 1, and print page 4 on back of page 3. Put those 2 pages together and fold them over, stapling down the center to create a booklet. Make sure they number properly. Page 5 is cutout and mounted where instructed on page 4 to create a convenient card pocket (the flaps fold in and are glued to page 4. The smaller piece makes the top pocket flap). Page 6 are just some open ended reference cards. I used them to quick reference rules and equipment (my mindwalker player has his psionic attacks recorded on it). It makes things easier like the power and equipment cards for DnD 4E.

So for us, Alternity is not dead. It is very much alive, and still the best scifi rpg.

You should not have posted this!

Now I'm gonna be nagging my friends to let me run a Dark*Matter game for months!

In the desert
I saw a creature, naked, bestial,
who, squatting upon the ground,
held his heart in his hands, and ate of it.
I said, "is it good, friend?"
"It is bitter – bitter," he answered;
"but I like it,
"beacuase it is bitter,
"and because it is my heart."

I know your pain.  I've been trying to put together an Alternity game for weeks.  I've managed to get two people interested, but I had to reject a third because he wanted to bring his 10 year old child into the game and I don't want to deal with that.  The consensus I've gotten back from the other two is that they'll play if I can get one other person.

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This is a nice Alternity character sheet.

Caoimhe Ora Snow

Game Designer, The Queen's Cavaliers

5e D&D Stuff: Birthright Conversion, Visitor's Guide to Red Larch [updated!]

Adventures League Characters (click for list)
Adventurers League Characters:
  • Oraibi Jhannivvar (human noble paladin of Siamorphe, level 8) and Golden Dawn (celestial warhorse)
  • Ninkasi the Ale-Nun (human guild artisan cleric of Chantea, level 6)
  • Rhythm (tiefling entertainer bard, is a dancer, level 3)
  • Verdigris (dragonborn gladiator ranger, level 3) and Heqet (giant frog)
  • Bacavi Jhannivvar (human sage rogue, level 3) and Teddy (cat familiar)
  • Niran Wishcrafter (fire genasi charlatan sorcerer, level 2) a.k.a. "Madame Vessa" (human fortune teller)
  • Alcyone Pleiades (air genasi sailor wizard, level 2) and Buster (crab familiar)
Sweet folio.

Alternity was a fabulous system. Still is, actually. We break out the books at run it about once every year or so.
Here is reality, read and understand: Rangers aren't dull or underpowered, in any edition. Fighters aren't dull or underpowered, in any edition. Casters aren't "god mode" or overpowered, in any edition. The tarrasque isn't broken. And you aren't voicing your opinion by claiming otherwise, you're just being a pain. Now, stop complaining.
Color me flattered.


Thank_Dog wrote:

2Chlorobutanal wrote:
I think that if you have to argue to convince others about the clarity of something, it's probably not as objectively clear as you think.

No, what it means is that some people just like to be obtuse.


I'm currently running an Alternity game!  And my group surprised me by saying that they think Alternity is the best generic system they have seen and played.  Very cool!  

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