Hit/Win- Extended worthy?

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Due to college and other things, I've been away from the T2 community for a long time, and not having the cardbase to jump right back into it, I'm going to have to post in Extended.

Recently, digging through my stuff, I managed to find all the parts to my most successful deck. Granted, it was a luck shoot, and it had some intrinsic flaws, but the idea will make itself known rather quickly. Forgive me, I don't remember how to cardlink, especially not with the new forum.

To date this, I came up with it shortly after Dissension came out, right around the same time I came up with Glarescape, so it's going to look almost block-deckish, I fear.



4 Stomping Ground

4 Blood Crypt (would have preferred the Golgari ouchland, but practically impossible to get at the time.)

2 Gemstone caverns

4 forest

3 swamp

1 Mountain

2 Gruul Turf

2 Skargg, The Rage Pits


(These would shift, depending on the meta I was in at the time, other copies were sideboarded)

1x Golgari Signet

1x Gruul Signet

1x Rakdos Signet



4x Kird Ape

3x Scab-Clan Mauler

3x Burning-Tree Shaman

3x Allosaurus Rider

3x Squealing Devil

3x Rakdos Guildmage

4x Birds of Paradise

3x Dryad Sophisticate (I'll remember the sideboard in a while, but I recall there was a SB option for if the opponent only used basics.)

3x Keldon Marauders (I believe this was used, actually, now that I think about it)


2x Moldervine cloak ((Generally, there were more, but I could only find two of the originals, and the Rise/Falls were originally SB material.))

3x Putrefy

3x Hit//Run



Playstyle: Not TOO complex, get your guys out, smash face. The main difference is that with this, you have the tools to not only smash face, but to mitigate face, too.  They just wrathed you and threw down an Akroma? Slam em with a hit, let em take 8 from their precious angel. Or, of course, the best time to slam someone with a hit was when they'd have an untargetable fatty, something you would make them have to sacrifice. This was not a requirement of course, but it was downright amusing.

On the other hand, if you were in an alpha strike mood, you would use the Run side of Hit//Run and smash lots of face. Rise//Fall is ideally for when you have to either force their hand, or if you have a birds out and can practically use the other side.

Now, one might question the use of Allosaurus Rider in such a beatdown-style deck. That's fine, question away. See, Turn 0, Gemstone Caverns comes into play if you do not play first, if it is in your hand. Big luck thing, but, in theory, Allosaurus rider allows you to wipe out two green cards in hand to get on the board free.

Turn 0 land + Turn 1 land drop (Stomping Ground in the super-ideal), Allosaurus Rider + (Again, ideal) Kird Ape.

Suddenly your opponent is looking at 5 power on the other side, turn ONE. The rest gets only more abusive from there, as things go.

As for the use of Moldervine Cloak- it can be handy to dredge to try to either get PAST land or get TO land, but either way, it still hurts to get hit for a solid extra 3.

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