PAX Intro Delves?

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Hi, apologies if this is in the wrong forum.  I just played DnD for the first time at Penny Arcade Expo, and it was awesome!  We only had 60 minutes to play and didn't finish the encounter.  (It wasn't the ultimate dungeon delve competition that I've seen other posts about.  It was some thing with pre-made characters.)  I wondered if anyone knew what encounters they were running there?  I went down to the local bookstore and it wasn't any of the delves in the DnD book titled Dungeon Delve.  The one we played in started with two visible kobolds, one of which was messing with a statue that was trapped with oil.  And then had 3 swarms of snakes that appeared later.  I'm sure they were all fun, but I'd really like to get a crew together and finish that one.  Thank you.