Drafting to Win! A Chronicle of M10 drafting.

 This thread will be used by me to chronicle my m10 drafting over the next few weeks. Feel free to post comments at your leisure

Ep 1: M10 Drafting, a player's perspective:

             I have been drafting quite a bit of m10 online, and have decided to share my thoughts on the state of m10 drafts. First of all, I would like to point out that the format is bomb heavy, but it is defiantly possible to win w/o bomb rares in your deck. The last draft I played in was a perfect example of this.

Steve's MTGO Draft from the wee hours of Thursday morning:

Main Deck

2 Siege Mastodon

2 Razorclaw Griffin

2 Griffin Sentinel

2 Stormfront Pegasus

1 Silvercoat Lion

1 White Knight

2 Borderland Ranger

1 [c]Deadly Recluse

2 Divine Verdict

2 Pacifism

2 Entangling Vines

1 Earthquake

1 Honor of the Pure

3 Safe Passage

10 Plains

5 Forest

1 Mountain


Relevant SB cards:

1 Celestial Purge

1 Oakenform

1 Solemn Offering

2 Giant Growth

1 Mold Adder


            I came in 2nd in this draft, (Game 3 of final match; mull mull; kept my 5 with one land in it and didn't draw a 2nd until turn 4), and I found the tempo of my fliers hard to beat. Note that I never once cast earthquake, although I often found my mountain J. If I could re-do the main deck, I would take out one of the safe passages and main deck a solemn offering, too many disabler enchantments in the format for it not to be MD, I sb'd it in every round. I passed a lot of black to my left from pack 1, and a lot of blue to my right pack 2, and I defensively picked a doom blade and tendrils of agony in the 3rd pack, *5th and 7th picks respectively.*  I would do this again if given the chance, considering there were no cards I really needed in those picks. I could have taken another Razorclaw Griffin over the Doom Blade, but I already had 6 fliers and didn't see the need. Nothing else noteworthy except maybe that I first picked an Earthquake in  pack 1 with Lightning Bolt, Pacifism, and Howling Banshee.


Stars of my draft:

Mold Adder. Played vs not 1 but 2 UB decks, round 1 and 2, and this little guy was bonkers (and not always so little!). He made it all the way to a 7/7 game 3 vs my 2nd opponent, and certainly won the game for me. Often goes late in a draft, so pick up one or 2 in your next draft so try em' out!


Safe Passage: Having 3 copies of this card was a little excessive but every time I cast it I was thrilled to have it. Caught my round one opponent trying to swing for lethal with a Vampire Aristocrat that had eaten a Horned Turtle, Acolyte of Xarathid, and a Pacified Wind Drake. Got one of my 3 TENTH pick, that's criminally late in my book for a card this good.


Solemn Offering: Wow, this card is so good in this format. Stops Ice Cage, Weakness, Gorgon Flail, Wispersilk Cloak, Pacifism, Entangling Vines, and even not quite as popular but still relevant Indestructibility, Honor of The Pure, Underworld Dreams, or Armored Ascension. Saved my butt a few times.


Cards that sucked in my draft:

None that I played really, so ill chose the loser's of my opponents builds instead;

Lifelink: Waste of a card imo, slap it on a creature only to let me 2 for 1 them with a divine verdict or pacifism or any removal J.

Magebane Armor: I passed on this card, even though it is good, it is such a tempo killer and with the aggressive nature of the deck I drafted it just didn't fit. It didn't fit against me either J.


While I liked my pool, it was relatively underpowered. The draft I won (right before this one) was the exact opposite. I'm not going to go in depth with this deck like the last one, just because this one was such an overpowered monster. I lost only one game in the 3 matches, and I had Serra Angel, Guardian Seraph, and a Sphinx Ambassador all out at once! The Serra got pacified, the seraph entangling vined, and the Ambassador got chumped 2x and then howl of the night pack for 6, followed buy an overrun, OUCH!


Steve's Midnight Draft (u/w)


1 Serra Angel

1 Guardian Seraph

1 Air Elemental

1 Sphinx Ambassador

1 Siege Mastodon

1 Wind Drake

1 Snapping Drake

2 Pacifism

1 Divination

1 Essence Scatter

2 Divine Verdict

1 Cancel

1 Safe Passage

1 Veteran Armorsmith

1 Palace Guardians

1 Wall of Frost

1 Zephyr Sprite

1 Sage Owl

1 Ice Cage

1 Excommunicate

1 Solemn Offering


9 Island

8 Plains


Relevant SB:

1 Flashfreeze

1 Excommunicate

1 Solemn Offering

1 Undead Slayer


That's all for today's Post; tune back later this week for a recap of later drafts!

You make M10 sound okay.  All the other draft articles Ive read disagree with you lol!  I want to try, but I hate when I drop my hard earned money to get blown out in swiss.  It annoys me and its why I stopped playing Alara.  Im not good at drafting, but Alara block was so hard on my land.  You all know that story though.

Drafting is not an easy format to master without spending money. I have found that the only way I get better is to play a draft out and see what happens. I have found I learn things even when losing so just take that experience with you to the next draft.

I did a couple drafts over the weekend after doing my first draft live a few weeks back - the learning curve, especially for a returning player, strikes me as high.  I liked sealed a lot better, and will probably stick to that mostly.