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Hey guys,

I was reading the article Here from the gencon seminars. Specifically the part about treasure distribution. I really liked Rob's idea about giving the item level, and letting the players choose the item. I think that this is a great way for the players to customize their character's stuff.

Does anyone see a bit of an issue in that every item would be custom? If so, what would you do with that scenario?

I don't really like that loot method (though I wouldn't argue about how powerful such a method is, obviously it would be very powerful to get exactly the item/mix of items you want).  I generally give items that make sense for the location (dwarven mail in a dwarven hold for example) or enemy they're fighting (evil druid drops hide or a totem maybe) and if they want something specific then they go searching for it.  Just how I handle loot.

I would definitely use the items from the baddies, as they are still treasure. I think I would apply this method to found treasure items. It makes less work for me, and pleases the PCs at the same time. Win-win. 

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