Need help with dew deck idea!

need help with my M10 block deck. i've been devoleping it for the past week now and almost got it. i got the creatures base down. just need to find the right mixture of aure's, instant's, and scorcery's. i nick named it "Life Ascension" cause it's goal is to gain life with the 4 soul warden's and 4 Ajani Goldmane's, as well as being on the defence with the other 16 soldier's in the deck.

   Then once the time is right and you have a "armored ascension" in your hand go on the offense! play the armored ascension on your best soldier out. then have him fly over the front line ever turn for the win. it may sound like a good deck, but i still need to work out the kinks. any way here is the decklist. no sideborad tho. don't have one worked up yet.




20x Plains




4x Soul Warden


4x Veteran Armormith


4x Place Guard


4x Veteran Swordsmith


4x Rhox Pikemaster




4x Pasifism


4x Safe Passage


4x Honer of the Pure


4x Armored Asension


4x Ajani Goldmane



if you still have not figuered out why i called it "Life Asension" then your on your own!