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Greetings - I've put together a collection of my favorite builds for 3rd and 4th edition D&D, some practical, some that are so brokenly ridiculous I'd beat you over the head if you tried playing them at a table I was running... but all of them are rules legal, powerful, and interesting to play, without using things like infinite loops or dubious tricks like stacking the same effect multiple times.

I'd start with Voldemonte for 4th Edition, and the Colossus of War for 3rd Edition. They're my best work for both editions. The San Diego Super Charger is a solid practical build, and there's also some numerical analysis bits mixed in there for good measure.

4th Edition Ideas ...

Mad  Max AC - AC 69 all day long (Edit: 71 AC all day long)

Rageblood Barbarian vs. Whirling Barbarian Damage Analysis
Voldemonte "The Most Powerful" Ranger-Lich
Model LT, the San Diego Super Charger
The Chargers (An entire party of the above)
The Thunder Lizards (A Thunder Mafia party optimization exercise)
The Fury of Blows (Iron Wolf Warrior / Charger)
Mrs. Tough Guy, "The Unkillable" Dwarven Revenant Assassin
The Invisible Stalker - A Highly Mobile Stealth Specialist (~12th level or so)
Sorden Warchester, "The Unhittable" Sorcerer Tank
Sorden Warchester the 2nd, Lair Champion: 40 AC at 6th level
The Ghost in the Shell - Make Monsters Hit Themselves, and Punish Them For It
Mr. Stupid, "The Inescapable" Grappler, Vampiric Half-Orc Fighter|Rogue/Assassin/Garrote Specialist/Shadow Killer
The Holyroller of Lathander
Dr. Safe House - Passing out 26 Saves a round to your party
Teh  Haxxor, +61 to hit infinite damage Glamor Blade exploiter with Duping  hax bonus
Shapechange in 4e - Become the^H^H^H a Tarrasque
Da Bleeder - optimizing ongoing damage
Coach and Little Mac - A 2 Man Team
Vitaly Chernobyl, The Nuclear Bard - 188 damage nova at 11th level with no dailies
The Pacifist Paladin, Laying on Hands for massive heals.
HappyBox, the 13d6+4 Fireballer at 1st level
The Paladin Bros - How two paladins can solo Orcus
The Bad Touch - Optimizing Grab Attacks to make a Mancatcher in 4th Edition
Mister Devacheese - Optimizing Failure
Buddy  Holiday, the Intimidatomancer / Intimidate Guide

Quick Tips:
1) All ranged characters should seriously consider Mark of Handling + a Dire Wolf mount. CA against any opponents touching an ally.
2) Harlequin Style + Brash Strike is one of the best attacks possible for a fighter. +2 to hit, +Con to damage, and +Cha to AC! Combine with grabbing an opponent and Brawler Style for the perfect controlling defender.
3) Group Defense is one of the best defender feats available. It applies the penalty to hit marked targets even when they include you in the attack. Combine with the excellent Mark of Warding and Psychic Lock for a great debuffing (-6 to hit your allies) defender.

3rd Edition Ideas ...

"...So then we were fighting a black pudding who could wield  spellfire."

Here's my favorite 10 posts for 3e -

  1. The   Colossus of War - Probably my best all-round build, using   Archivist to make the ultimate gish.

  2. The Short  Guide To Grappling (link broken)

  3. Guide to  Divine Power Gishes 

  4. The  Drunken Defender (link broken) - 60 Con, 84AC non-spellcaster.

  5. The Plotz (link broken) - +130 to hit at 5th level.

  6. The Black  Octopus - 1,800 damage a round grappler, minimal bit of psionics.

  7. Mobile  Cat Platform Alpha - Fun with epic familiars in non-epic levels.

  8. Ending the World in a round at 1st level - Bobo the Mouth Breather, ruler of the apocalypse! (Old thread: Ending  the world in a round (link broken))

  9. Chompers  the Ghastsassin - 433 damage + 23 fort saves or die/suck each round

  10. The  Enligtened Duskblade (link broken) - Full attack with Polar Ray for  1,165 damage a round

I've posted other builds on the CO forums from time to time, but the  above represent my favorite ones. The forum update killed most of the  older builds, but I've been able to restore some of them from cached  copies on the internet or from local copies off my hard drive.
Updated - I restored several of my 3.5 builds from copies from online caches and my local computer after the forum update slaughtered them all. I marked which ones I haven't been able to find copies for yet with (link broken). I also updated the old builds with new graphics.

The 4e section has also been cleaned up and reorganized.
Updated with a Quick Tricks section for 4e. They're not worth full builds in their own right, but they're some very nice things I find myself repeating a lot.
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