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Im not sure if this belongs here or not but it seemed like the most plausible spot for it. Ive noticed across these aboards alot of people discussing "Hybrid" classing over "multi" classing. Im just curious as to what the difference is.

Me and my friends are restarting the campaign im dming for 4E as weve just gotten used to all the rulings and have enough sourcebooks to actually have enough options. Point is im allowing everything imaginable for my players this time around instead of limiting it, and if this is something new that they might enjoy, or just something ive missed up unto this point id like to know what it is.


Naturally, it looks like you posted this just about the time they shut everything down for this update, so I'll take the liberty of bumping it and addind that a "multi-class" character represents a PC of one class dabbling in another class while a "hybrid" represents more of a true blending of classes.

Hopefully someone will offer a more in-depth explanation. So far, our first Hybrid character, a sorceror/fighter goblin, was the second-to-last one to go down in a TPK.

Multiclass basically takes a feat that gives them a weakened version of a signature power from the other class.  So you're basically a Wizards, but you might be able to throw the bardic Majestic Word power once a day and have a bonus to persuade.  You are pretty focused on one class, but are lightly seasoned with another.

A hybrid is more a true blending of two classes, one is not the clear dominate as in multiclassing.

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