Woot Order 66 took the silver for Podcast!

Woohoo congrats to GM Dave and GM Chris!
so did Star Wars: The Clone Wars,

ThorvaldHafgrimsson wrote:
Life is full of choices. Sometimes you make the good ones, and sometimes you have to kill all the witnesses.
NastasiaLorn; wrote:
But then you have to pay the liability insurance.
A note about character and world creation
Character and world creation are a form of expression. The point is that some people don't have much to say...
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Why doesnt anyone ever sig my qoutes!?
On the subject of who post in the Off-Topic Tavern:
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most of them are bored, immature adults.
Offical troller of the House of Trolls
What about the rest of the nominations? Anybody have a link (or at least info)?
WINNER OF YOU BUILD THE CHARACTER #6 - Qui-Gon Jinn "For 300 years we prepared, we grew stronger. While you rested in your cradle of power." -Lord Malgus, The Old Republic Trailer "Am I the only one that saw the film and thought Obi-Wan was expressing an opinion of moral superiority/ideological victory with his statement? Y'know, instead of stating to the highly experienced combatant in front of him the obvious fact that he stood a few meters below him on the vertical axis?" -d20 Radio regarding Obi-Wan's comment to Anakin "It's over Anakin. I have the high ground."