Revell Models/Wizards of the coast Team up

This is just an Idea I'd like to see explored.

Okay I don't know who has marketing rights to Star Wars models or how complacated a deal it would be to make but...

If Wizards has no current ambishions to expand in to huge mini's in the future and I'm quite certain the model industry would love to have interst in their product expanded in to the Mini market, so wouldn't this make sense?

Some kind of arrangment could be made reguarding scale and special rules for incorperating them in to the game should expand the game dramaticly.

Should be win for everyone.

All in favor say "Aye" or if I'm overlooking some obvious hurtel to such a deal please enlighten me.
Aye :D
I'd be a massive, rancor laigrek-whippin' "aye" but for one problem:
Mainstream model companies don't seem to market SW to Collectors, but rather to kids. Star Wars models have NEVER been in scale, even with each other. They're what's termed "box scale," meaning whatever conveniently fits into the box du jour. Would it be awesome if Revell decided to market a line that was like 30mm scale? Damn skippy it would. But it won't happen. Not enough $$$ involved. Better for them to make kits that look good and are basically much the same physical size, 'cos kidlets don't really care. Even the Titaniums fit this pattern.
Sad tale, but it's marketing reality.
"It is better to keep your mouth closed and be thought a fool, than to open it and remove all doubt." Scale video that I made with darthvaughn: " SW Minis Scale video Starship Modeler website. Jeff Russel's incredible STARSHIP DIMENSIONS website, with our favourite vehicles, vessels & critters from multiple sources, shown to scale. SQUADRON MODEL's Sci-Fi model kits section. How to make a model conversion to an Old Republic frigate.