Saga-ized campaign guide?

Has anyone saga-ized the stuff from the Galactic campaign guide? I remember there being good stuff on door locks and apartments and tons of other little details to help fill in a campaign.
Not that I know of. But much of the best content in GCG can be used with out converting, like the GM advice and the maps/descriptions of everything from various apartments to sewers. Heck, the maps are even in square grid.

Sure, there is info for things like how much damage is done if someone hits certain types of equipment, but how difficult is it to decide whether or not, say, 3d6 is too much/little damage if medical equipment is hit in a lightfight?
its a huge diffrent between the ways of distribution of RCR and SAGA. In RCR they centralized the "Crunch" into Guides like Arms & Equipment Guide and for the "Fluff" was written into Sourcebooks like NJO Sourcebook.

In SAGA they meld Crunch and Fluff to Campagin Guides and Supplements.

i cant decide which way i prefer.
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