How to rule monster's readied Charge action

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Howdy gang,

A few days ago my friends and I were playing and we got confused over the rules - more specifically, how to correctly follow the rules.

A boar had readied an action to charge as soon as it saw an enemy. One of our heroes indicated they were moving 6 squares and started to move their mini. The GM (who is reasonable and pleasant) stopped the player mid-move so the boar could take its readied charge action.

The discussion arose when we tried to figure out if:
1) the hero's move action was interrupted
2) the hero's move action ended prematurely
3) the hero could resume / complete its move action

The player hadn't used their standard action yet, so we figured that would still apply.

After much discussion and waffling, we decided that:
1) the boar charged while the hero was in its line of sight
2) the hero got to continue its movement
3) the hero got to complete its turn (take it's minor and standard actions)

This situation caused much page flipping and head scratching. I'd love to get an authoritative answer to take back to the group so as to avoid future confusion.


An action is only lost if it is invalidated. So assuming the charge didnt end the PCs movement (by imobilization, death, etc.) then the PC gets to continue the action as well as any other actions the PC has left.
You guys played it right. The only thing it seems you forgot was that if the Fighter continued moving, it would provoke an OA from the boar.
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